Fortnite Season 6 Quest: How to deal damage with Bows in-game

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}

Leaks from upcoming challenges to be featured in Fortnite Season 6 have the gaming community in a rush to perfect their technique with a newly released weapon.

The bow breaks ground in this new season as a makeshift weapon at its base level. By collecting items and crafting, players can increase the damage the bow is able to do as well as altering the bows available effects.

How to upgrade the Makeshift Bow for optimal damage in Fortnite Season 6

Players may have already come across the base model of the newly available bow brought to loopers in Fortnite Season 6. However, many players may not have discovered all of the crafting recipes available to them so that they can strengthen their weapon.

Starting with bow upgrades needing the least amount of looting luck with materials, after securing the Makeshift Bow players can then craft either the Primal Bow or Mechanical Bow.

To craft the Primal Bow, Fortnite Season 6 players need to collect 4 Animal Bones along with the Makeshift Bow. The bones can be collected through successfully hunting animals as they spawn across the map.

To craft the Mechanical Bow, players need to locate and collect 4 Mechanical Parts. Trucks, tractors, and other mechanical vehicles will provide these pieces.

Crafting Primal Bow upgrades

After creating or securing the Primal Bow within Fortnite Season 6, players can upgrade the weapon further depending on the materials they have available.

To upgrade the Primal Bow to a Primal Flame Bow, players have two options. Methods to craft these upgrades involve locating 1 gas can or a jar of fireflies. After loopers obtain a gas can or a jar of fireflies and they have the Primal Bow, players can craft these two items together. The Primal Flame Bow is helpful to players looking to burn down wooden structures as well as dealing damage to other players.

To create a Primal Stink Bow, players also have two different methods to choose from. Fortnite Season 6 players will need either 3 Stink Fish or only 1 Stink Sac from a frog. After collecting these materials, players can create the Primal Stink Bow which is helpful for smoking enemies out of their hiding place.

Crafting Mechanical Bow upgrades

Similar to the upgrades available to Primal Bow, the Mechanical Bow has two options for players to choose from.

To create the Mechanical Explosive Bow, players must collect 6 grenades. After piecing together these 6 grenades with the Mechanical Bow, players will have a weapon that releases 3 grenades upon impact. This significantly raises the opportunity for players to deal damage.

To create the Mechanical Shockwave Bow, players will need to collect two Shockwave Grenades. Though these grenades are harder to find, the player will benefit from crafting this weapon as it sends opponents flying away from them on impact.

Should Fortnite Season 6 players decide to follow the tips within this guide, be sure to complete these upcoming challenges.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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