Fortnite content creator accuses Epic Games of stealing over $50,000

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

In a surprising turn of events, a Fortnite content creator has called out Epic Games on Twitter for allegedly stealing over $50,000.

Lucas Michael Pla, also known as Plalism, a viral Fortnite content creator, alleged that the publisher stole around $12,000 and disabled his Support-A-Creator code in a scathing tweet. He went on to ask other content creators to speak up if they faced similar issues.

Fortnite has a special program called the Support-A-Creator program. As part of this program, players from the community can use the code of their favorite content creator in Fortnite while making any purchase from the Item Shop.

Doing so helps creators get a kickback from the purchases made by the player.

Fortnite content creators accuse Epic Games of stealing over $50,000


Plalism said that Epic Games wasn't responding to him. He also claimed to have spoken to other content creators about the issue.

Plalism didn't have any kind words for Fortnite at all, given the situation he was facing.

Image via YouTube ( The Fortnite Guy )
Image via YouTube ( The Fortnite Guy )

Not many content creators responded here, except for one called Cxltures, who went on to claim that Epic Games had allegedly held back around $50,000 from him since January.

He claimed this in a few tweets on the thread that Plalism started. Those tweets have since been deleted.

Image via YouTube ( The Fortnite Guy )
Image via YouTube ( The Fortnite Guy )

Epic Games hasn't mentioned anything about the issue as of now. There won't be any information from the publisher on this matter because they keep such things private. The Fortnite community will have to wait for Plalism or Cxltures to make a statement.

The Support-A-Creator program in Fortnite is an Epic Games exclusive. The company reserves the right to suspend codes at any time.

If Epic Games suspends any codes, there should be an SOP to inform the content creator about the changes.

That way, the creator will know why their code was suspended. It reduces the possibility of bad blood between the creators and Epic Games.

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