Fortnite Crew subscription not working for many, Epic Games promises a fix soon

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Epic Games introduced a monthly subscription pack in Chapter 2 - Season 5, and players have recently reported that Fortnite Crew is not working.

The revolutionary monthly subscription pack was introduced at the beginning of Fortnite Season 5 and it looked like the next big thing concerning in-game transactions.

Epic Games are struggling with this subscription pack, as this isn't the first time players are incurring issues with the Fortnite crew not working.

Reports suggest that Fortnite Crew is not working worldwide

Previously, the Green Arrow outfit was released ahead of time. It was supposed to be an outfit in the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack. Although Epic shortly removed the outfit, players have kept a note about the Fortnite crew not working.

The Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack gives players about 1000 V-Bucks per month. This was one of the most appealing reasons for gamers to purchase the Fortnite Crew Pack.

However, players are not receiving the 1000 V-Bucks at this moment, and it is creating a lot of problems in the Fortnite community.

Recently, Epic Games tweeted that gamers from multiple regions are facing issues with the monthly subscription pack. In fact, gamers from Belarus, Brazil, Russia, and Ukraine have reported about Fortnite crew not working.

Similarly, PlayStation players from all across the globe have faced issues with renewing their Crew Monthly Subscription Pack in Fortnite. Epic Games informed in a tweet that this issue is recurring for all PS users playing Fortnite.

In fact, the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack has been pretty disastrous since its introduction. The Fortnite Trello board has listed a bunch of problems related to the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack.

Image via Trello
Image via Trello

It ranges from Fortnite Crew not working on Xbox to Fortnite Crew multiple charge attempts. This technical error might be temporary as Epic Games is looking forward to resolving this issue as soon as possible.

Regardless, the Fortnite community is quite fed up with Epic Games and their in-game transaction methods. Several gamers have openly criticized the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack.

Various Twitter users are accusing Epic Games of charging money more than two times for activating the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack. A major faction of the community has labeled the Fortnite Crew Pack as a 'failed experiment' by Epic Games.

Subsequently, Epic Games has sent 1000 V-Bucks to particular players twice before the one month period. This has infuriated every other Fortnite Crew member that did not receive their monthly 1000 V-Bucks.

The Fortnite Crew Pack became popular for the V-Bucks rewards and the unique outfits. However, it seems that its popularity is experiencing a steady decline as players are being forced to unsubscribe from the monthly pack.

Ideally, Epic Games will sort things out concerning the Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Pack soon amidst all this chaos. Players who purchased the Fortnite Crew Pack deserve their V-Bucks reward.

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