Fortnite Guide: Weapons tier list in Chapter 2

  • New rarities and updates have changed the weapons, and here's all you need to know about the recent developments.
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Modified 24 Oct 2019, 12:29 IST

Image credit: Reddit user Fazeniccorazif
Image credit: Reddit user Fazeniccorazif

Fortnite ended its last season in the most dramatic manner, where a black hole destroyed the world and everything in it. Then Fortnite came back with Chapter 2, bringing with it some great new additions to the map, Battle Pass and more.

There have been some guns that stuck around and some that got vaulted before Chapter 2 begun. In fact, you don't even need a gun as you can even deal damage with special trophies like the Mythic Goldfish.

So what are the best guns in Fortnite Chapter 2? We're ranking this in four tiers, namely S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier and C-Tier, which represent the best guns to the worst guns. You can also upgrade the damage of your weapon by upgrading the rarity.


#1 Assault Rifle

Left: Common M16, Right: Upgraded SCAR
Left: Common M16, Right: Upgraded SCAR
  • Common: 30
  • Uncommon: 31
  • Rare: 33
  • Epic: 35
  • Legendary: 36

The Assault Rifle is a classic weapon that has been around since Fortnite's inception and hasn't been vaulted either. It doesn't have the highest damage among the guns but it is the most versatile among all weapons.

The Assault Rifle is viable at short, medium and long range. The Epic/Legendary version of the Rifle known as SCAR is one of the most desired weapons among Fortnite players for a reason.

#2 Tactical Shotgun

Regular vs Upgraded Tactical Shotgun
Regular vs Upgraded Tactical Shotgun
  • Common: 71
  • Uncommon: 75
  • Rare: 79
  • Epic: 83
  • Legendary: 87

The two most preferred Shotguns are the Tactical Shotgun and the Pump Shotgun. The Tactical Shotgun has a faster firing rate, although it has lesser damage than the Pump Shotgun. That makes it much better and a generally great weapon to have around.

Of course, both shotguns can be used very well. It's just a matter of personal preference and what works best for you in whichever situation.

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Published 23 Oct 2019, 00:40 IST
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