Fortnite Redditor has the entire community in awe after claiming to break the "Fly Distance" world record

Image via u/Pertev
Image via u/Pertev
Modified 16 Jan 2021

Fortnite has many records, and the majority have to do with how well the game is played, but one Redditor basically jumped across the entire map to earn one.

The list of records that can be earned in Fortnite is usually based on kills. Solos, duos, solos vs duos, solos vs squads, and so on, but this is not recorded before. The Redditor, named Pertev, jumped from the water and onto a launchpad to soar up and into the air.

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It was a distance that is hard to believe because launch pads normally can't send people very far. Pertev realized that when players go through the water quickly with a chili, it shoots them further forward than normal, and so he used that momentum to break the record.

When Pertev lands in the water, he has to bounce once to let go of the momentum that he still had. The video ends with the Redditor looking back at the distance that he just cleared, and it is clear how awestruck he was, himself.

Pertev jumped across the map diagonally, which cuts off some distance, but that doesn't take away from how impressive the feat was. Watching it brings a sense of relaxation, and it is very satisfying to watch Pertev land in the water at the end.

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Fortnite may take its time to accept this world record among the killstreaks


As stated before, world record attempts in Fortnite normally have something to do with playing the actual game. The number of kills that a player can make before dying or receiving a Victory Royale in certain modes is usually how a record is calculated.

Whether or not Pertev stands tall next to Elemental_Ray and his solos world record is debatable, but judging by the amount of comments on the post, Pertev must feel pride.

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Published 16 Jan 2021, 00:37 IST
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