Fortnite Redditor wins over the community with a concept to "un-clamp" cars in-game

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players feel that using gold bars is the best way to use a car. Redditor u/andrewke11y posted a picture where players can un-clamp car wheels with bars. Many others jumped on board with this idea and used this opportunity to complain about the current situation.

The top-rated comment was from u/TonyThePapyrus,

You should be able to take them off, either with gold, or shooting it enough.

This seemed to be a sentiment shared by every other user on the thread.

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Fortnite and their decision to clamp cars

Ever since Fortnite made cars drivable, they had to find a way to make certain cars unusable. Some cars needed to be a decoration, otherwise parking lots would look empty. The solution was to clamp some cars. Players could not un-clamp them, they could try and shoot the clamp, but it'd only make the tires pop. This decision received mass criticism, but it is clear to see why Fortnite needed to do it.

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If every car were drivable, then there would be cars everywhere. The immersion would be broken quickly just because players would move everywhere with a car. Redditor u/andrewke11y saw the issue but found a way to fix it that would keep both sides happy.

The suggestion is to remove clamps with gold bars, essentially buying the car for use. This makes cars less likely to be scattered and makes gold even more valuable.

Before this can be done, many issues that Fortnite has with their cars need to be fixed. There are still issues lingering that make cards harder to find.

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Fortnite has had a back and forth relationship with cars

When cars were introduced, Epic Games went all out. The trailer was about shooting with cars, driving up ramps, and just all-out car battles. Cars were easy to find and started completely fueled. Now, cars are a lot less frequent, and some don't start with a full gas tank.

It may be because cars are still a little broken. They can crash through wooden structures, which makes sense but is overpowering. They now have weird fall damage that happens if a player is inside.

Players can keep pushing all they want with brand new ideas, but that may not be enough. Epic Games will not let everyone have a shot at all the cars until many bugs are fixed.

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