Playing Fortnite on iOS in 2021: Is it still possible?

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Dipanjan Dey

The Fortnite iOS community took a significant blow when Apple and Epic Games got involved in a prolonged legal battle. This affected the Fortnite mobile community most, as their game has not progressed beyond Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3.

Numerous influential YouTubers like Ali-A, Saunders Tech, and GOLDEN uploaded videos divulging how Fortnite might come back on iOS. However, there is no conclusive evidence or any official announcement from Epic Games about Fortnite returning to the Apple Store. 

While most of the community is confused about all the leaks concerning Fortnite returning to iOS, some clues point to the game coming back in Season 5 itself. 

Is Fortnite coming back to iOS devices in 2021?

The focus here will be to breakdown all the leaks and clues that point to Fortnite coming back to iOS devices and how mobile players are coping with this legal battle between two of the biggest tech organizations. 

All of this began when Epic Games added an extra in-game transaction feature for gamers on Apple devices. This led to a massive lawsuit, where both Apple and Epic Games squared off with valid points. 

Although this legal battle has fallen out of focus in recent weeks, Fortnite players have not forgotten how important it is. The Fortnite mobile community consists of over a million players. The current situation is quite bleak for those still playing on Apple devices. 

Fortnite gamers on iOS cannot progress beyond level two. Subsequently, Fortnite on iOS is stuck in Chapter 2 - Season 3. This means a vast majority of players have not seen the superhero outfits from Season 4 or the bounty hunter skins from Season 5. 

While this has been quite distressing for the mobile community, recent leaks suggest that things are about to take a turn for the better. According to Ali-A, Fortnite might return to iOS with the help of NVIDIA GeForce Streaming Service. 

There is also a leaked trailer that resembles in-game footage for Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 on Fortnite mobile. The trailer was provided by data miner @itzBacon on Twitter. Following this, numerous gamers started speculating on Twitter about Fortnite coming back to iOS. 

The video remarks "new gameplay," and the pictures mirrored the optimized graphics of Fortnite mobile. Ali-A deduced from this leaked video that Fortnite might be coming to iOS devices sooner than expected. 

Another major hint was dropped by Epic Games themselves that hints at Fortnite returning to Apple devices. Popular data miners discovered that Epic Games had removed the extra in-game transaction feature. 

On January 5th, 2021, Epic Games excluded the direct payment button from Fortnite. This is what triggered the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. Removing this feature might point to the fact that Epic Games are finally considering the addition of Fortnite on iOS devices.

ShiinaBR and HYPEX specified in their tweets that this development might be trivial. Since this is an isolated incident, and Epic has not announced anything, it might indeed be insignificant. However, for the Fortnite iOS community, it might be the ray of hope they have been looking for since August 2020. 

Twitter users have come up with several theories to support their claims about Fortnite returning to Apple devices. While some speculate that Epic has settled the lawsuit with Apple, others claim that it is only temporary. 

Several experts have also put forth their arguments about Fortnite coming back to iOS devices. However, Epic Games are keeping things under wraps. 

Hopefully, the Fortnite mobile community will get to enjoy the current Chapter 2 - Season 5 on their iOS devices sooner than later. 

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