Fortnite's TikTok emotes are an emerging threat for fans who like original and unique emotes

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Fortnite emotes are a fun addition to the game that help players express themselves, show off a bit of flair, and have a good time with other players. Most emotes are pulled from pop culture in one way, shape, or form.

Recently, emotes pulled from TikTok dances have become common in Fortnite.

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Is Fortnite's TikTok emotes ruining the game?


I Talk, in a recent video, spoke about the popularity of Fortnite's TikTok emotes. Epic games have been adding them to Fortnite at an increased rate, with players snatching them up immediately after release. Some fans are concerned that the TikTok emotes oversaturate the Item Shop in favor of original emotes.

I Talk stated that he does not mind them too much but can not relate to them since he's an older player and does not use TikTok. He also mentioned that older emotes tend to use music created by the Fortnite team instead of officially licensed music.


He failed to mention that almost no emote in Fortnite is truly original. They are all pulled from different aspects of pop culture, and TikTok is the popular choice now.

Most previous emotes have been pulled from older TV shows, music videos, and video sharing services. Many of these emotes have their own soundtrack to avoid copyright issues, but it does not change the fact that they are not entirely original.

As long as players snap up and continue to use TikTok-based emotes, Epic will continue to release them on Fortnite. Once they stop being profitable, something else will take their place.

It's then difficult to make the argument that these dances take away from Fortnite's originality. The game's originality comes from swiping bits and pieces from pop culture and smashing them together in a unique and quirky way.

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Players that have an issue with the TikTok dances seem to make similar arguments about other aspects of the game. The arguments are mostly about losing the feel of Fortnite from its early days. Many players want to feel like they did when they first started playing Fortnite.

Fortnite is a constantly evolving beast, and Epic will always take it in a direction that has the widest appeal and makes it the most money. The argument that they are alienating the "core" players is invalid.

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