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Fortnite Season 4: All week 3 XP coin locations - Purple, green and blue

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 3 XP Coin Locations
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 3 XP Coin Locations
Modified 07 Sep 2020, 10:57 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 Week 3 XP coin locations have been leaked online by HYPEX, a prominent Fortnite leaker. Players can now prepare for them as they drop on September 10 in the game.

XP Coins are a great way to farm experience in Fortnite. They allow players to explore new areas of the map that they typically don't visit and unlock new seasonal exclusive cosmetics in the battle pass.

This week has two purple XP coins, three blue XP coins, and four green XP coins for the players, which give out 10,000, 6,500, and 5,000 XP for each, respectively. Thus it is a great opportunity for the players to grab these coins and get free XP points in the game.

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In this article, we will be showcasing all the locations of these Week 3 XP coins in Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 4 XP Coins Location

Purple XP Coins

Purple XP Coins give out 10,000 XP in total, and they are hard to collect as they burst into little fragments when found, offering little XP for each little purple coin in the game. Thus, players are advised to build a box around these coins before collecting them to get all the small fragments of the coin easily.


Here are the locations of the purple week 3 XP coins in Fortnite:

#1 In Coral Castle (Quadrant-B2)

#2 West of Retail Row (Quadrant-G6)

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Blue XP Coins

Blue XP Coins dish out 6,500 XP points to the player and arguably are the hardest to find in the game. These XP coins are well-hidden inside objects that have to be broken by the pickaxe to reveal the coin. However, players can spot the coin inside by closing, observing the object emitting blue light from it.

Here are the locations of the blue week 3 XP coins in Fortnite:

#1 North of Doom's Domain near Homely Hills (Quadrant-D2)

#2 Weeping Woods (Quadrant-D6)

#3 Near Hydro 16 (Quadrant-D7)

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Green XP Coins

Green XP Coins offer 5,000 XP points in the and are relatively easy to find. They are placed in common areas and can be easily spotted in a match.

Here are the locations of the green week 3 XP coins in Fortnite:

#1 South-east of Sweaty Sands (Quadrant-C4)

#2 South-west of Holly Hedges (Quadrant-A6)

#3 South of The Authority (Quadrant-E5)

#4 Camp Cod island entrance (Quadrant-F7)

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Published 07 Sep 2020, 01:22 IST
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