Fortnite Season 6 leaks hint at Back To The Future collaboration, Zelda and much more

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6 may have just started out but that isn't going to stop the community from coming up with fan theories and leaks. Eagle-eyed fans have been talking about a few instances in-game which hint at a possible Back To The Future collaboration.

There are also hints at the fact that Fortnite Season 6 was inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. There's a lot of time left in this season so these avenues may just be explored as the season progresses.

Will the DeLorean come to Fortnite Season 6?


Those who've played Rocket League will remember that the DeLorean was a car that players could use in the game. Both Rocket League and Fortnite are owned by Epic Games, so the chance of a Back To The Future collaboration is really high.

If people are to consider the final skin variant for Jonesy, he's seen wearing a poncho that resembles Marty's poncho from Back To The Future. Moreover, the skin is also known as Jump 88 which is also a nod to the 88 miles per hour mark.

There are other tiny instances that hint at the upcoming collaboration, like the loading screen featuring Jonesy and a DeLorean-like car.

That wasn't all. A user going by the name D3NNI on Twitter drew parallels between Fortnite Season 6 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. From the chickens in both the games, to the Spire to the Mechanical Parts, both these games bear a strong resemblance to each other, which indicates that Fortnite Season 6 is indeed inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

However, the idea of this being a collaboration cannot be held on to because Epic Games didn't release any official statement with respect to the same. Second of all, everyone knows how protective Nintendo is of its IP. So if there's any collaboration with Fortnite or Epic Games as a whole, there's a high chance that it will be restricted to Nintendo devices only.

However, these two weren't the only pop culture references in Fortnite Season 6. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jonesy's posture in the loading screen resembled John Rambo's. Although John Rambo may not be a Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass skin, he may just be included in the game at a later date. There are several small hints pointing towards a potential Rambo collaboration, but until there's any official word from Epic Games, all of this will be nothing more than speculation.

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