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Fortnite Season 6: Top 5 Loadouts for Easy Primal wins

Fortnite Season 6 Weapons (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Season 6 Weapons (Image via Epic Games)
Modified 25 Mar 2021

The new Primal Season in Fortnite has given us various new ways to win with new loadout changes.

At first glance, some weapons might not be everyone's favorite, such as the Primal Shotgun and Primal AR. Both have significant upgrades to give players an easy win for their next match. Here's a look at the top 5 loadouts to use in Season 6.

Top 5 Loadouts for Easy Wins

#5 - Spire Jump Boots

This is extremely new to the Fortnite loadout. The Spire Jump Boots allows players to jump extremely high. If a player performs three consecutive jumps in a row, it even deploys the glider. These Boots are perfect for quick travel, to escape an enemy, or get to higher ground.

For players to obtain these for their loadout, though, they'll need to kill a nearby Spire Guardian at any of the smaller Spires across the map. Once they have, they will drop a Special Spire Orb, which players can then exchange for the Spire Jump Boots. It's a lot of effort to snag a pair of these boots, but it could be worth it.

#4 - Bows & Upgrades


With snipers not really around in typical Fortnite matches, Bow is the next best thing for a loadout. The common form, the Makeshift Bow, can be upgraded depending on what materials players carry. Using Mechanical Parts helps build the Mechanical Bow, while Bones helps upgrade to the Primal Bow.

What's unique about the Bow is that it can upgrade further. The Mechanical Bow can later turn into either the Mechanical Explosive Bow or the Mechanical Shockwave Bow, whereas the Primal Bow may be upgraded to the Primal Fire Bow or the Primal Stink Bow. With these four options in a player's loadout, alongside some aid, it should allow for close and long-distance combat.

#3 - The Primal AR

Another new weapon for players' loadout is the Primal AR. It's a weapon that should be on everyone's list as it's a fast-firing assault rifle with upgrades available. When upgraded, the Primal AR will allow players to put on plenty of damage to opponents in close combat.

If able to get an upgraded Primal AR in your loadout, alongside a Pump Shotgun, winning becomes more of a guarantee.

#2 - Primal Shotgun


Similar to Primal AR, Primal Shotgun players find in-game is an acquired taste. However, after some experience, the Primal Shotgun proves to be a great weapon in the right hands. It has more range and burst than the original Pump Action shotgun, giving players a better chance to knock down their opponent.

Like most shotguns, this is best for close combat. So it's best to have an AR assisting the Shotgun in every loadout.

#1 - Crafting & Pump Shotgun

Finally, having a combo of a Makeshift Shotgun and AR in every loadout will be the best outcome. Finding any of the common Makeshift Shotguns on the map allows players to upgrade to the classic Pump Shotgun. Though it deals less damage than before, it's still strong enough to hurt your opponents.

In order to upgrade the Makeshift Shotgun in the loadout, you'll need some Metal Mechanical Parts that players can grab from any vehicle. To better ensure you get those parts, be sure to land in Risky Reels.

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Published 25 Mar 2021, 00:25 IST
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