Fortnite: Spooky Halloween skins already coming to the game

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)

It’s spooky-month and Fortnite has already begun its shift to the macabre with quite a few new terrifying and disturbing skins for players to pick up. These creepy and unsettling skins are available in the item shop already, and are a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Celebrating Halloween on Fortnite

A major part of Halloween is dressing up as something scary and going door to door to beg for candy from participating houses. Halloween is a wonderful holiday that gives us a chance to celebrate the unsettling and unnerving, rather than simply being another time of familial cheer and polite togetherness.

Halloween stands apart, its weirdness being the major draw behind its popularity. Without a doubt, the holiday will end up being a part of Fortnite this year, as the Fortnitemares event has been leaked to the public.

However, these events won’t enter their full swing until later in the month, so there’s still time to wait and pick out the skin you want most, if you choose to join in with the celebrations.

Spooky Fortnite skins in a shop near you

The newly released Halloween skins all share certain features common to the spirit of the holiday. The “Teef” skin, for instance, features what appears to be a sentient piece of candy with a mouth of its own, fit with a set of chompers that would make your dentist weep, wearing a set of prisoner’s stripes.

The skin overall plays into a number of fun Halloween aspects, the candy, the creepy appearance, and the presence of a costume on top of a costume, all of which give it a campy appearance fit for the holiday.

More recently, the Snuggs outfit seems to slip into the same vein as the flash-in-the-pan Five Nights at Freddy’s series, with a creepy appearance of a mascot seemingly meant to appeal to children yet seated so deep within the uncanny valley that it’s almost surprising that anyone could create it.

While Snuggs Fortnite skin might dip more into the cute side of Halloween, usually typified by the Tim Burton-esque products that invoke The Nightmare Before Christmas seemingly year round, it still definitely feels right at home in the month of screams and scares.

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