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Fortnite star Mongraal laughs menacingly and has a breakdown after an unfortunate incident mid-game

Image via Mongraal
Image via Mongraal
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson laughed menacingly after losing a game of Fortnite and it would seem like he blew a fuse.

Mongraal was in a build battle against another player; nothing out of the ordinary. But, leading up to this point, he was already somewhat angry with the game. His comments seem to be an indication that he was unhappy with his day.

After putting up a wall, he is shot through it, causing him to lose. That very moment, Mongraal let out a laugh that seemed alarming, almost like Joker from Batman. He could have been so burned out that he couldn’t take it anymore, but this is what he said:

“[laugh] He shot me through my wall, was it just s*** today [laugh]. This game is good this game is good, this game is good, yeah very good game, very good game, very good game, very good game, very good game. I love this game, this game is good.”

Mongraal might have experienced the dangers of competitive ping. The lower the ping, the faster inputs are sent to the server and back. Whoever’s information gets to the server first, is put in first.

As a result, the enemy player's shot may have been received by the server before Mongraal’s wall-building input. This would make the weapon appear to shoot through walls. No matter what, Mongraal's menacing laugh is difficult to forget, and it is apparent that he needs a break.


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This is just one of many awful things that have happened to Mongraal in Fortnite.

The name Mongraal was well-known in all of the pro Fortnite circles. A competitive Fortnite player for years, he was known as one of the best in the world. Lately, he hasn’t been very lucky though.

When trying to qualify for the FNCS, he missed the mark because of a disconnect, and that too when he was literally one point away from qualifying. While he practices, he’s obviously extremely frustrated, and things like this don’t help.

It is hoped that things begin to turn around quickly for Mongraal and that he ends up at the top of the Fortnite rankings once again in the near future.

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Published 26 Mar 2021, 00:19 IST
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