Fortnite: SypherPK explains why Epic Games buffed the Combat Shotgun before Fortnitemares

Image Credits: Sportskeeda
Image Credits: Sportskeeda
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Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2, Season 4, has seen one of the finest shotguns in the game getting vaulted. The Charge Shotgun, which isn't as popular as the Pump Shotgun, was vaulted in Fortnite. Players have always had a polarized view about the Charge Shotgun as it requires players to adapt to a different dynamic. Adding to this, Epic Games has recently given a slight buff to the Combat Shotgun.

While the Combat Shotgun was introduced back in Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 9, it has always remained in the low pick-rate region. The reason for this is that the players have to be extensively accurate with their shots. Instead of just spamming bullets, the Combat Shotgun depends on the aiming accuracy of the players.

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SypherPK shows us how to use the Combat Shotgun in Fortnite


The Combat Shotgun was vaulted for a long time until Epic Games decided to add it again in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4. However, the damage rate, mag size, and fire rate were decreased. This made it a lousy option for players to choose from. Now that the Charge Shotgun has been vaulted, players will have to quickly adapt to the Combat Shotgun.


SypherPK had made a couple of videos differentiating between the shotguns in the game. Recently, SypherPK came up with a new comprehensive video regarding the current state of the Combat Shotgun. If players want to use the Combat, they will have to get their aiming spot on like Sypher.

SypherPK started off by using a Blue Combat Shotgun. Interestingly, the Combat Shotgun has a damage multiplier when a headshot connects.

Shadow Ghosts have currently infested the Fortnite Island; these are players who've returned after dying in a round. Thus focusing on both players alive and dead can become a hassle with the Combat Shotgun.

Soon, Sypher managed to get a Gold Combat Shotgun from killing one of the opponents. SypherPK also mentioned that players need to adapt quickly to this slight change that Epic has introduced with respect to the Combat Shotgun.

One of the essential things the players have to notice is that as soon as Epic removed the Charged Shotgun, they came up with a substitute like the Combat Shotgun. Although the weapons have been in the game throughout the seasons, players still didn't choose them.

Epic Games has also added several Halloween based weapons. It is clear that Epic is subtly facilitating the usage of the Combat Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4.

Sypher stated:

"The fog makes it to where there is not a lot of like, a lot of the fights are going to be medium to close range. So using just the Combat, you can really get away with a lot."

Perhaps, this is why Epic Games decided to amp the Combat Shotgun during Fortnitemares.

It seems that the actual reason why Epic Games vaulted the Charge Shotgun and buffed the Combat Shotgun is mainly because of Fortnitemares. Combat Shotgun is one of the few shotguns, which can pick a fight at medium, sometimes even a long-range. This will be useful for players as shooting the Shadow Ghosts from afar will be the best choice in Fortnite.

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