Fortnite: SypherPK plays Fortnitemares as a Ghostbusters

Image Credits - Epic Games
Image Credits - Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 has given fans everything they could ask for and much more. The successful collaboration with Marvel, Rocket League, and artists like BTS, DJ Slushii, and J Balvin has seen Fortnite becoming a pillar of popular culture. Recently, Fortnite rolled out their Fortnitemares: Midas Revenge update, and fans could not be happier.

If the Avengers were not enough, then fans have a new set of heroes to look forward to now, as Ghostbusters have been added to Fortnite. While this was perfectly timed with Fortnitemares, several data miners already predicted its release after Epic teased the community with few exceptions. For instance, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters could be located on the map, and this was one of the biggest Easter eggs in Fortnite.

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SypherPK plays Fortnitemares with the Ghostbusters set in Fortnite


With this latest collaboration come new challenges that will unlock exclusive cosmetics and items for players. Along with this, the Ghostbusters set has been added to the Item Shop with two unique skins.

Now that Midas is back on the island with his band of Shadow Ghosts, it was only logical that Epic Games added a counter to that with the introduction of Ghostbusters. The Fortnitemares challenges are also designed in that fashion. SypherPK took to YouTube to make a comprehensive video regarding the Ghostbusters in Fortnite.

SypherPK demonstrated one of the challenges where he could only use items that he acquired from killing Shadow Ghosts. “I am only allowed to use these weapons and any other weapons I get from eliminating ghosts.” Going up against these Shadow Ghosts is not easy as they tend to vanish. Similarly, they are necessarily players that have been eliminated, so the essence of revenge is always there in these confrontations.


SypherPk mentions how one of the guys he killed earlier came back to take revenge as a Ghost. This certainly makes fights much more interesting in Fortnite. Although these Shadow Ghosts cannot build, they have immense potential when it comes to mobility and taking out their enemy.

As SypherPK mentioned, this challenge is a little tricky as players necessarily don't know the loot Shadow Ghosts drop. The only loot from Ghost's challenge in Fortnite might be a bit tricky, as SypherPK demonstrated. Simply because towards the end game, eliminating both Ghosts and real players can be highly challenging. Nevertheless, this is one fun challenge added to Fortnite.

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