SypherPK explains why Rags to Riches is the best game mode in Fortnite

Image via - SypherPK
Image via - SypherPK
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In a recent video, SypherPK explained the best game mode in the Fortnite Battle Royale game.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 has seen the inclusion of several game modes and LTMs so far. However, one of these stands out from the rest. Popular YouTuber SypherPK made a comprehensive video explaining why it is the best game mode in Fortnite's history.


Rags to Riches has been quite a popular game mode in Fortnite ever since it first came out. It's a little different from all the other game modes in Fortnite, mostly because it is highly dependent on eliminations.

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SypherPK shows why Rags to Riches is the best game mode in Fortnite

Image via - SypherPK
Image via - SypherPK

The concept of 'loot' in Rags to Riches is a bit unconventional. Here, Fortnite players start off with a Common/grey rarity weapon. When players eliminate someone, one of their weapons gets randomly upgraded. The upgrade keeps going until it reaches the maximum level in Fortnite.

Image via - SypherPK
Image via - SypherPK

Here, players tend to use a gun that they are most comfortable with. This effectively forces a player to adapt to a certain style of gameplay in Fortnite. For instance, if a player is fond of the Pump Shotgun, they have to keep eliminating players to upgrade their weapon.

Usually, players tend to run with an SMG, a Shotgun, and an AR in their inventory. That way, they can rack up quick eliminations even with Common rarity weapons in Fortnite.

After its introduction in August 2020, SypherPK was one of the first content creators to show his appreciation towards the LTM. This game mode became instantly popular, and Epic Games decided to bring it back in November.

Image via - SypherPK
Image via - SypherPK

SypherPK mentioned in the video:

"This is by far the most fun mode I have ever seen as an LTM. I'm going to Stark Industries in this Rags To Riches game and I'm going to walk out with a Gold Pump, Gold Scar and a Gold Sniper."

This game mode in Fortnite encourages players to pick fights, as that is the only way they can get better loot. It's one of the reasons why it is so popular in Fortnite Battle Royale.

In the video, SypherPK demonstrates the best way to play this game mode in Fortnite. He aggressively attacks his opponents and waits for the right moment. As soon as his weapons get upgraded, he moves away from cover to take down more opponents.

Image via - SypherPK
Image via - SypherPK

Stark Industries is currently one of the loot-rich areas in Fortnite. Once players land there, they will have to fight from the moment they touch the ground. The highly competitive nature of the location and the LTM make it quite intriguing and fun to watch.

There are no upgrade stations in Fortnite Rags to Riches. Thus, players have to keep eliminating others with the weapons they've acquired.

SypherPK is a big fan of the Boogie Bomb. In the video, he makes his opponents dance multiple times before shooting them down. That shows how the game mode can be made even more entertaining.

There is another way players can acquire Gold weapons in the Fortnite LTM. All they have to do is eliminate someone who is carrying a Gold weapon and take them down. Although it is easier said than done, acquiring the Gold weapon will definitely have an advantage.

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