Fortnite: SypherPK showcases a way to get zero cooldowns on broomsticks

Broomsticks have added an extra option for mobility in Fortnite (Image credits: TrixxZ14/YT)
Broomsticks have added an extra option for mobility in Fortnite (Image credits: TrixxZ14/YT)

Fortnitemares is getting scarier by the day, and players are having a tough time on the island fighting vengeful shadows. The whole map is covered in fog, which makes for a perfect Halloween experience in-game. With this event, the developers also added sweet candies and a mythic item named broomsticks..

This witchcraft item can be used for mobility and quickly rotate on the map to ambush an opponent or strategically retreat from a tricky situation. They take one slot of the in-game inventory and have a cooldown of 20 seconds after one use.

This cooldown discourages gamers from using this item frequently and potentially abusing it to gain an unfair advantage on enemies.

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SypherPK, meanwhile, is a prominent name in the Fortnite community and is known for making educational commentaries on this title. In his recent clip, he showcased a method by which broomsticks can have zero cooldowns, meaning that players can use them to travel faster around the map.

SypherPK finds glitch for no cooldown on broomsticks in Fortnite


SypherPK found that the glitch can help players use this mythic item without waiting for the cooldown period of 20 seconds.

To perform this glitch, gamers simply have to get the item from the highly-contested witchshacks, use them normally, and try to find a vehicle. After one use, the broomstick will, as usual, go into the cooldown period.

Players can then go inside a vehicle and exit it, and they will notice that the cooldown has been reset, and the item is ready to be used again.

This seems to be an unusual interaction, and the developers should fix this soon. However, it doesn't seem to be game-breaking, as players have to find vehicles every time they want to use this method inside the game, thus making this strategy ineffective.

Simultaneously, it makes for a good rotation item in the named POIs as there is an abundance of vehicles to use, making the looting process easier for players.

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