Fortnite Season 4: How to become a 'Shadow Ghost' and use special abilities on surviving players

Fortnite players can become a Ghost and haunt survivors in the game (Image credit: Firemonkey/Twitter)
Fortnite players can become a Ghost and haunt survivors in the game (Image credit: Firemonkey/Twitter)

Fortnite's spine-tingling event Fortnitemares is here, and it is filled with surprises. The game offers an after-life experience to the lower-skilled players, so that they have another chance at hunting their enemies by siding with the Shadow army of Midas.

Ghosts have access to four key powers in the game, and have the ability to directly eliminate enemy players. On the flip side, players can eliminate these ghosts in the game as well. This a great addition to the game, as it allows players to stay in matches longer, and casually haunt players as their play their way through sweaty matches.

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it is very simple to become a ghost in Fortnite during this event. Players can simply jump off a building or any elevated platform to eliminate themselves, and thereby become ghosts. You can also lose a gunfight to someone and come back to the same spot to haunt your enemies in your new after-life.

Ghosts in Fortnitemares: How to use special abilities and eliminate players in Fortnite

Being a Ghost, you move very fast and jump higher than typical the typical Fortnite gamer. Players can use this in the game and bring some crazy after-life bloodbath to their matches. As mentioned previously, Ghosts have access to four primary abilities:

1.Slash (Left-Click): This is the simple melee range attack which allows players to slash enemies at close range. It deals medium damage, however, a combination of simultaneous slashes can melt any enemy.

2.Dash (Right-Click): This is a dash ability, which allows you to reach your target quickly, thereby not allowing the enemy the time required to shoot you down.

3. Scream (R): Scream is by far the most over-powered ability in this kit, as it allows the ghost reveal all the enemies within a specific area and mark them. It can help you to track down enemies, and provides you with valuable intel during the after-life.

4. Shadow Jump (Space): Unlike usual players, you can jump quite high in the game, and with good reason. In Fortnite, players can out-build you anytime, as ghosts don't have access to the building mechanic. Thus, having a solid jump ability will allow you to infiltrate enemy builds and take out your target.

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Do remember, Ghosts have a limited health of 100, and can only regenerate health by consuming the loot items in the game.

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