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Fortnite: The Story of 'Scoped' - A Controller player who has won against all odds

(Image Credit: EssentiallySport)
(Image Credit: EssentiallySport)
Brandon Moore
Modified 06 Sep 2020

Controller players often find themselves on the defensive when discussing about competitive play. That is especially true in Fortnite where keyboard and mouse players have been going toe to toe with controller players since the very beginning of the competitive scene.

There is a perception that controller players have an advantage. However, controller players opine that it is keyboard-and-mouse users who hold all the aces as they have way more buttons at their disposal. Nevertheless, a controller player named Scoped proved that he could hang with the best of the best in Fortnite.

Who is Scoped?

Scoped is a Fortnite player with a bright future. He plays with a controller and has already made a name for himself in the scene but has so much potential going forward.

Scoped was once a baseball player in one of the best teams in his area. However, instead of continuing a career in that sport, he opted to try his hand in Fortnite, a risk that has most certainly paid off.

Scoped found himself in scrim servers, hoping to test his skills against the best Fortnite players. Eventually, he entered multiple tournaments and tried to break through the Fortnite glass ceiling. Despite not qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup finals, his motivation stayed intact.


Scoped's rise to Fortnite stardom

After the Fortnite World Cup, Scoped entered seemingly every Fortnite tournament available, and his placements only got better and better. In the Fortnite Cash Cups, he secured several top-10 placements, which finally gave people a reason to know his name.

It also caught the attention of one of Fortnite's biggest names - Tfue - who approached Scoped to be his Winter-Royale duos partner. Tfue's announcement attracted many comments where the player was asked about who his partner was as Scoped's fame was yet to grow.

However, after the pair's first team-up in the Winter Royale tournament, they played together in a total of 17 events. So many games together made them connect like no other duo had before. Pairing up with Tfue in Fortnite, Scoped saw his YouTube and Twitter following grow immensely as his skill kept those fans on board.


Fortnite controller players

At this point in time, controllers and aim-assist had been nerfed several times. But Scoped still dominated the competition despite people questioning whether his skill was winning him games.

He joined elite company with the likes of Wolfiez, Aydan and Nickmercs as controller players who had no problems hanging with their keyboard-and-mouse Fortnite counterparts.

The fact that playing with controller against keyboard and mouse players has been changed so many times and Scoped has still been able to hold his own is a statement enough. The young player has so much more potential than what he has already showcased. If he keeps it up, he could very well be a Fortnite World Cup champion in the near future.

Published 06 Sep 2020, 00:41 IST
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