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Fortnite Wolverine update: SypherPK reveals everything new in the game 

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Modified 23 Sep 2020, 21:50 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 recently witnessed a major change with the V14.20 update.

From exciting new skins to emotes, there have been a lot of significant features added to the game. With this update, the Marvel-themed season of Fortnite has received another boost, as it continues to bolster its already stacked roster, replete with Marvel superheroes and challenges.

The central Marvel character of the V14.20 update is Wolverine, who has his own set of exclusive challenges. Wolverine is a boss located at Weeping Woods, who also has a new Logan variant to his name:

With several new exciting features, popular Fortnite streamer Ali "SypherPK" Hassan recently released a YouTube video where he reveals all the latest additions in the Fortnite V14.20 Wolverine update.

Fortnite Gift Boxes, Scoped AR: Everything new in the Wolverine update ft. SypherPK

SypherPK begins the video by speaking about Wolverine's location in Fortnite:

Wolverine is in Weeping Woods, this is where he spawns. I don't think he has like a central POI , he's kinda just walking around Weeping Woods . People are telling me he's a tough boss to beat because he moves around, regenerates quickly so Wolverine, where you at?

Upon spotting Wolverine, Sypher is able to seemingly knock him down with ease via a sniper as he says:

He seemed pretty easy to kill because he doesn't have range so if you hit him from a distance...

However, to his shock, Wolverine recovers almost instantaneously, and almost ends up killing him. Sypher somehow manages to survive and hilariously comments:

Okay I take everything back! Wolverine is a hard boss to fight , what was that! I knocked him and he got back up!

He then goes on to reveal further abilities which are associated with the Wolverine skin:

Okay so I'm regenerating health and moving faster ...there's a jump attack and a double jump .His mythic ability is actually kinda sweet man. I'm not gonna lie, Wolverine's mythic ability has the coolest animation out of all the mythic abilities.

He then goes on to speak about the new POI which has been added in the game, called Superstore, and the Trask Transport Truck which has now been modified slightly:

They added it back in a much smaller version at Holly Hedges and it seems like an okay POI cause it's got like the gas station, superstore

He then proceeds to speak about the Scoped AR, which have been vaulted, and the Gift boxes, which have been unvaulted:

Just the green and blue Scoped AR's have been vaulted , the purple and gold are still in-game.

He ends by speaking about the brand new Tony Stark Battle Bus and an upcoming Blade bundle in Fortnite.

Published 23 Sep 2020, 21:50 IST
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