Fortnite: World champion gets banned in FNCS, exposes others

Fortnite is not exactly known for its friendly user base
Fortnite is not exactly known for its friendly user base
Dipanjan Dey

Fortnite pros have a knack for drama, and it never ceases to surprise fans, especially during the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). NA East trumps every other region with its toxicity and internal conflicts when it comes to being the most notorious region.

Nevertheless, when it comes to other regions, like Europe, fans expect better. It is also imperative for someone who has won the Fortnite World Championship that they don’t slip up, regardless of the region they are playing from.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with Fortnite World Cup Duo winner David “Aqua” Wang.

While the drama within the Fortnite circuit is nothing new, some things are considered vile, even for pros. Accusations always run rampant in the Fortnite pro scene, but none as potent as what goes on in the NA East and Europe regions.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the community witnessed a conniving act of snaking from top players like Clix, Bizzle, and Megga. Thus, it is not impossible to imagine the extent of these dramatic accusations in Fortnite.

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Fortnite pro exposes others after getting banned from FNCS


Esports Talk has made several videos regarding the Fortnite scene, and specifically, its toxic drama. In a recent video, the community had also learned that Aqua had snitched on other professionals after being banned from FNCS.

This dramatic turn of events came after Mr.Savage and BenjyFishy complained about Aqua for stream-sniping and leaving a game during a shakedown.

While Epic Games has maintained its diplomatic approach in such situations, it is quite clear that Aqua’s ban in Fortnite was not unfounded. Epic has labeled it under “other” reasons, but the community knows that this is a direct result of being caught.

Stream-sniping is a phenomenon in Fortnite that cannot be proven 100%, though players get accused of dropping at the same spot all the time. But leaving a game during a shakedown, now that is highly unprofessional!

Epic did not mention this as a part of its ban. However, Mr.Savage took to Twitter instantly to express his views about Aqua's ban. While defending himself, the latter said that his game crashed during the shakedown, which was the reason he left.

At the same time, Aqua tried to maintain a premise on social media that he was not banned. While that failed, he resorted to foul means to get other pros suspended, and this is where the toxicity began.

When a pro makes a mistake in Fortnite, it can be essentially a ban for two weeks or a ban for life; their entire career depends on it. Considering that they are relatively young and want to make a career in esports, this sort of behavior is unacceptable.

What followed after the ban was even worse, as Aqua started calling out other pros like Secret_Domentos, Miknup, RxTSkite, BenjyFishy, and Mr.Savage, among several others. His rhetoric was quite strong, as he was fighting for equality, simply because he wanted the punishment to be equal for everyone.

This brought forth an upsurge of social media support for Aqua, as players started talking about influential, clouted players. Heavyweight pros who can raise a storm on social media with their updates never get to see the bitter end of justice.

In a helpless plea to defend himself, Aqua has exposed half the Fortnite community that plays the game, colluding and cheating at Cash Cups and tourneys. However, Aqua's actions are not at all exemplary as a world champion.

He did not take to Twitter to issue an apology; he did not admit to his fault. Instead, he took to exposing more people in a righteous frenzy. As Jake Lucky pointed out in his video, the absolute lack of maturity is quite prevalent in Fortnite.

Similarly, like a Twitter user, Jerian, pointed out in his tweet, Epic might finally implement the clout farming rule. Thus, Aqua may be spared for disconnecting during a shakedown, but he isn't going to get away with this act of exposing others.

Lying about cheating or a ban falls under the criteria of clout farming. However, since Epic maintains the reason to be "other," there cannot be a plausible conjecture behind Aqua's ban.

All of this has left the community divided as no one knows the actual reason for the ban. Simultaneously, Epic's action has issued a silent warning to everyone taking to Twitter after a ban. Considering both sides of this fiasco, it has become quite difficult to ascertain what is real and what isn't.

Nevertheless, Epic taking action made a resonating statement. Thus, as the experts guessed, the rule for clout farming has finally started taking shape in the Fortnite community.

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