FPL 2018/19: Chip Strategy from DGW 32 to DGW 35

  • Explaining what Chip Strategy to utilize for the upcoming DGW32 and DGW 35 in order to maximise points potential.
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Modified 26 Mar 2019, 15:11 IST

Fantasy Premier League
Fantasy Premier League

We're into the business end of the English Premier League and now with just a handful of games left to decide who will be the champion of England for the 2018/19 season. It is also the period when the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are working their brains overtime to find the perfect strategy for the Double Gameweeks.

As teams make it deeper into the knockout stages of the FA Cup and Champions League, the Premier League has to re-schedule certain matches which lead to Double Gameweeks i.e teams playing 2 matches instead of one in a single gameweek.

This season GW32 and GW35 have been designated as DGW's and Fantasy Managers are losing their mind over what strategy to employ with their chips to get maximum returns.

Hence to make matters easy here are 3 chip strategies FPL managers can employ from DGW 32 to DGW35:

FPL vocabulary-> DGW- Double Gameweek, GW- Gameweek, BGW- Blank Gameweek

#1 All Chips are Intact (Wildcard, Triple Captain, Free Hit & Bench Boost):

Holding off the temptation to use any of the chips during the season will now finally pay off for fantasy managers who resisted their use for the past 31 GW's, as there are 2 upcoming double gameweeks. This right now is probably the best position to be in.

DGW32 will be the first of the 2 double gameweeks, 4 of the 'Big 6', Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Chelsea will be playing two matches each, hence giving fantasy managers an opportunity to earn multiple points from every single player.

The most optimal chip strategy for DGW32 would be to utilize the Free Hit Chip, as it allows you to change your squad completely for one gameweek before resetting it back to the original squad. With this chip, fantasy managers can field a squad which has the potential to play 22 matches as compared to the usual 11 for the DGW32.

DGW 32 will be followed BGW 33, where only 12 teams will be playing on the weekend and 8 teams will be missing out. Using their Free Transfers, fantasy managers should try to get in as many players as they can in order to maximize their points total for the gameweek. Using the Wildcard for this gameweek would hamper the potential of scoring high in DGW35, as a lot of teams playing in DGW 35 are not playing in BGW 33.


Deploy your Wildcard in GW34, bring in players who will be a regular fixture in their team's line up for the upcoming DGW35. Fantasy Managers should try to get the complete set of 15 players i.e stashing the bench with quality players and not bench warmers.

The need for good bench players is necessary because utilizing the Bench Boost Chip in DGW 35 will be the most ideal strategy, this will give fantasy managers a chance to field a squad with the potential of playing 30 matches.

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Published 26 Mar 2019, 15:11 IST
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