Free Fire tips: Tricks to push for heroic rank

Image Credit: Wallpaper Safari
Image Credit: Wallpaper Safari

Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play battle royale video game in which players drop on to a barren island, scavenge for weapons and eliminate each other until one survivor remains.

This game has a variety of cosmetics and unique characters with different abilities, factors which influence matches dramatically. Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game in 2019 and received the award for 'Best Popular Vote Game' from Google Play Store in the same year.

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Besides casual play, the game has a ranked mode as well. Players who are good at the game can compete with the best Free Fire players online and climb up the ladder to reach the prestigious heroic rank.

What are the different ranks in Free Fire?

There are a total of six tiers in the ranked mode. They are given below:

  1. Bronze (Max RP 0-1000)
  2. Silver (Max RP 1500)
  3. Gold (Max RP 1975)
  4. Platinum (Max RP 2475)
  5. Diamond (Max RP 2600)
  6. Heroic (Max RP 3200)

You will advance to the next tier after you have gained sufficient RP through playing and winning enough ranked matches. These tiers also have sub-tiers which, upon completion, provide a feeling of achievement to players.

Tips and tricks to push for heroic rank in Free Fire

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

There are tons of ways to climb up the ranked ladder in the game. Some of the tricks and strategies are illustrated below:

#1 Play Safe! Don't Rush Everyone- In casual games in Free Fire, when you see an enemy, you should start firing and ultimately eliminate them as quickly as possible. That should not be the case in ranked matches. In these ties, players would be expecting you to overstep your comfort area. Thus, always try to analyse and calculate the risks of chasing an enemy. This will improve your game sense and provide you results in the long run.

#2 Choosing the right character in-game- Characters play a vital role in this game. Utilizing their special abilities will help you gain the upper hand over your enemies. If you like to play with snipers in-game, consider picking up 'Laura' in your matches as her passive ability synergies with the snipers.

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#3 Having optimal weapons- Weapons are a crucial part of any battle royale game. However, having the ability to form the best arsenal of weapons with what you find is a unique trait. You might not land your preferred weapon all the time; hence, the right combination in your arsenal will hold you in good stead in all kinds of battles.

That completes our tips and tricks guide to reach heroic rank in Garena Free Fire.

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