Free spins in Coin Master: All you need to know about daily free rewards (October 11)

Daily rewards in Coin Master (Image via Coin Master)
Daily rewards in Coin Master (Image via Coin Master)

Coin Master is a luck-based game released for Android and iOS devices back in 2015. The game features a daily rewards system in which players can win free coins and free slot spins. The game's objective is for a player to collect coins, build their villages and upgrade them.

Players need to collect the most coins while beating the scoreboard by earning coins on the slot machine. Each player gets 50 free spins to begin with, and they need to score the most amount of coins during these spins.

While using the slot machine, players can get coins, shields, attacks, raids, and more spins. Players have an option to use a multiplier for their bets to get rewards that are a few times more than the original values.


All you need to know about the free spins in Coin Master daily rewards as of October 11

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The devs of Coin Master have added a daily rewards system to the game. Players can scroll to the top of the game to find a daily wheel spin where they can win coins.

Along with the daily wheel spin, there are many ways players can claim rewards from the game. The game has a very active Twitter account where they give players extra slot spins to keep in touch with the game on social media.

Players can claim these extra spins in Coin Master by following their Twitter account and going to the link provided in the post. The free spin reward for October 11 was 700 spins which players can claim by simply going to the provided link on their smartphone with the game installed.

The developers of the game keep the players informed by updating their daily rewards on Instagram as well.

Coin Master is a very addictive game as winning coins in the slot machine feels very rewarding to players, leaving them wanting more. Players usually need to wait for an hour to be able to win five slot spins. Players can use these coins to upgrade their village and increase the number of stars they hold to compete in the leader boards or among friends.

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