From video games to clothing; MrBeast buys all the items in five stores only to give it all away

Image via MrBeast, YouTube
Image via MrBeast, YouTube

Recently, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson decided to buy all the items available in five stores before donating them to people in need.

MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTubers of this generation and is known for his innumerable philanthropic acts. He had uploaded a video in the past, wherein he bought all the items in a single store and donated everything to those in need.

This time around, he took it a step further by deciding to buy all the items in five stores. This included a clothes store, a GameStop, a car dealership, a sports store, and a FoodLion.


MrBeast buys all the items in five stores and gives them away to people in need

MrBeast and his group of friends began their buying spree with a clothes store. MrBeast ended up buying everything in the store for a whopping $85,000. After emptying the store with his friends, he donated everything to a brand new charity called the Salvation Army charity.


This was followed by a GameStop, where MrBeast and his friends bought over 1,000 video games and lots of other gaming equipment. What’s more, they decided to buy out the metal shelves as well. The video games and equipment were sent to a children’s charity.

MrBeast then visited a car dealership that he had bought out in the past. The owner recognized the YouTuber and muttered “Again?” when MrBeast let him know his intentions. He bought out the entire lot and gave away the cars for free.

The final two trips were made to a sporting store and then a FoodLion store. MrBeast and his friends ended up buying more than $200,000 worth of things. MrBeast did not buy the entire food store.

He stated that he wants to leave food for the customers. Regardless, the final bill came was just over $122,000. Once again, he distributed the food to those in need.

MrBeast is the greatest philanthropist among YouTubers and has been involved in countless random giveaways and donations.

He currently has over 50 million subscribers on YouTube. He was initially known for revolutionizing the YouTube genre of “expensive stunts.”

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