G2 Esports' rebuilding begins early with rumors suggesting Brokenblade and Falco might join the League of Legends team

Brokenblade is set to replace Wunder for the toplane spot at G2 Esports (Image via League of Legends)
Brokenblade is set to replace Wunder for the toplane spot at G2 Esports (Image via League of Legends)

League of Legends’ EU powerhouse G2 Esports has probably found their replacements for Wunder and Grabbz.

G2 Esports had a disastrous season as they failed to qualify for the League of Legends World Championships for the first time in their entire existence. It was a disappointing turn of events, especially since they signed Rekkles with a lot of hope.

G2 built a League of Legends super team that was meant to dominate everyone across the board. However, they instead faltered massively and raised a lot of eyebrows.

[Rumour] Former Schalke 04 Toplaner Broken Blade 🇹🇷🇩🇪 is rumoured to play for G2 in the LEC next year. This follows the information of Schalke 04 players being free agents following the sale of S04's spot as well as G2 going to rebuild. @Esportmaniacos shared it first today!

Since the loss, G2’s management has been silent apart from stating intentions to rebuild their League of Legends roster. So far, however, there has been nothing concrete other than speculation from fans.

But it seems that G2 Esports might have finally found the replacement they have been looking for.

Brokenblade will solve the toplane problem for G2 Esports, and Falco might finally bring stability in draft for the League of Legends team

G2’s toplaner Wunder has been criticized a lot in the 2021 season due to his inconsistency. Apart from that, there have been reports that he is not committed and spends more time in World of Warcraft rather than playing League of Legends.

Several professionals have claimed that Wunder often trolls in scrims by picking champions that make no sense. This has led to frustration amongst fans as Wunder’s antics off the field affected his in-game performances.

Wunder has been the worst-performing member of G2 Esports and, as a result, became an easy target for fans. It seems, though, that as per rumors, G2 might be signing Brokenblade as a replacement for Wunder.

Brokenblade became a free agent after Shalke 04 disbanded with a last-place finish in the summer split of 2021. G2 will also be signing Dylan Falco as a replacement for Grabbz, who has also been criticized quite a lot.

El otro rumor señala a Dylan Falco como entrenador de G2 Esports.Dylan Falco ha estado recientemente en S04 tras estar en FNC.Habría entrenado a Broken Blade, Caps (en Fnatic) y Rekkles, aunque se duda de la continuidad del ADC en el equipo.

G2 has been out drafted several times during the summer season. Their coach Grabbz has also been under fire for the team's poor performance. Both Falco and Brokenblade will probably be the initial additions to G2's long rebuilding process before the 2022 season kicks off.

It seems that Wunder was offered to three teams. However, no one is ready to take him yet. Mikyx, G2’s support, on the other hand, has suitors. However, even though the rumor suggests that G2 already has a replacement for Mikyx, the news is not official yet.

Treatz could be a potential option as he is a free agent and solves G2’s problems quite a lot.

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