“I love a warrior”- Games of Thrones’ The Mountain praises Mizkif and his crew for organizing Camp Knut’s weightlifting challenge

The Mountain praises Mizkif and his crew for organizing Camp Knut (Image via Hafthor Bjornsso, Mizkif/Instagram)
The Mountain praises Mizkif and his crew for organizing Camp Knut (Image via Hafthor Bjornsso, Mizkif/Instagram)
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Popular streamer and strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson aka Game of Thrones' "The Mountain" recently took to his official Twitch channel to praise fellow creator Mizkif and his crew for organizing Camp Knut's weightlifting challenge.

Over the past couple of days, Camp Knut has proven to be Mizkif's most successful venture, garnering an impressive number of viewers for his livestream.

Given the hype of Camp Knut, it wasn't long before 2018's Strongest Man, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, heaped praise on the team for their incredible work during the camp. The streamer was specifically impressed with the efforts put up by One True King member Erobb.

Thor "The Mountain" commends Mizkif and Erobb for incredible performance in Camp Knut's challenge

Combining forces with fitness enthusiast and streamer Knut, Mizkif and his close friends have been putting their fitness to the test by working out together on a livestream in front of thousands of viewers.. Aside from garnering views, the crew are also striving to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Unsurprisingly, this has been an extremely tough route for Mizkif to follow. However, according to the streamer himself, it not only helped him gain immense prominence on Twitch, but massively improved his mental health as well.

During the August 7, 2022 broadcast, Björnsson can be seen watching the whole crew indulge in an intense workout regime.


The task involved lifting heavy balls across the room and dropping them carefully beyond the barrier before heading towards the next set. However, The Mountain's interest was specifically captured by Erobb, who was at a disadvantage due to his injury. Despite nursing a dislocated finger, the latter completed the challenge and gained Björnsson's respect.

Thoroughly praising Erobb for his persistence and determination, the Icelandic streamer stated:

"Holy sh*t! I can't believe this guy is doing this with a broken finger! What the hell. He's doing it with a broken finger, it's pretty impressive actually!"

After successfully delivering the first heavy ball, Erobb went for the next one, which was significantly heavier. While he failed to carry it across the room, Björnsson was stunned by the OTK member’s fortitude, stating:

"I love the effort by this guy! I love the effort by this guy! This guy is my favourite I think. Like he's trying his best with a broken finger. I love that...I love a warrior, a guy that never gives up!"

Social media reacts to Erobb's impressive effort during Camp Knut’s weightlifting challenge

As expected, the resultant clip instantly went viral on Reddit, evoking a plethora of reactions. Fans chimed in to praise Erobb for his attitude:

It is no secret that The Mountain is one of the strongest fitness enthusiasts of all time. The actor-cum-athlete has accrued multiple achievements across his renowned career and has even delved into boxing in recent years.

With that being said, garnering his praise and respect is an impressive achievement in itself.

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