Genshin Impact 1.6 leaks: Klee and Kazuha banner release dates, 4-star characters, and more details

Klee and Kazuha will be arriving in Genshin Impact soon (Image via lumie_lumie)
Klee and Kazuha will be arriving in Genshin Impact soon (Image via lumie_lumie)

Klee and Kazuha's banner release dates have been leaked before, but now there are some details regarding the four-star units in their banner in Genshin Impact.

Kazuha's full banner has been leaked, whereas most of Klee's banner has been leaked. A four-star unit is missing for Klee's banner, but that will likely change as the game progresses. Genshin Impact still has a lot of details to cover regarding these two units and their banners.

Both of these characters will have banners in the 1.6 update for Genshin Impact. Their banners will not happen simultaneously. Klee's banner will occur on June 9, and Kazuha's banner will occur on June 30, 2021. Banners tend to last for three weeks, so the dates do add up. As always, info available through leaks is subject to change.

Klee and Kazuha banner details

Although Kazuha's banner is expected to be released on June 30th, there are rumors of a Jean banner being introduced before. This would make sense given that she will have a skin soon, but it's purely speculation at this point.

Four-star characters in Klee's banner

Klee will be on the first banner for version 1.6. As she is only available on banners, Klee fans' primary focus should be taking advantage of this when it comes out (presumably on June 9). She is not available on all other banners. Hence, this is the best chance for most Genshin Impact players to get her.

There will be some notable four-star units alongside Klee on this banner. Fischl will be one of them. He is a great support unit and a solid piece to get overall. Sucrose is also a great support unit. This will be a tangible character banner for Genshin Impact players seeking alternatives to the main, which are also good support options.

The final four-star character isn't known yet. It could be a pre-existing character or a brand new cast to drive some hype for Klee's banner. As Genshin Impact leaks continue, the new character's details will become more evident over time.

Four-star Genshin Impact characters in Kazuha's banner

Unlike Klee's banner, Kazuha's banner has been leaked in full. It would seem as though Rosaria, Bennett, and Razor will be the four-star units available for Kazuha's banner.

Razor is an excellent DPS unit (especially by four-star standards), so Genshin Impact players could appreciate getting copies of him if they don't manage to get Kazuha. Likewise, Rosaria is a pretty good all-around unit, and she's easily one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact.

Finally, Bennett is one of the best support units in all of Genshin Impact. Getting multiple copies of him while trying to go for Kazuha is a pretty sweet consolation, if nothing else. Of course, Kazuha will be a great unit to have, so it's an all-around solid lineup for any Genshin Impact player.

Leaks are subject to change

One of the most important things to understand about leaks is that some details are always subject to change. Genshin Impact players shouldn't take everything at face value, as some aspects of older leaks were proven wrong (such as Albedo not using a bow in the final version).

Edited by Srijan Sen
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