Genshin Impact 2.5 offers the least amount of primogems out of all version updates

The Irodori Festival (Image via GenshinBlank)
The Irodori Festival (Image via GenshinBlank)
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Genshin Impact's newest update may bring the least primogems out of any update so far. This is surprising, as most updates bring the total amount up by adding new events, missions, and areas to explore. However, according to current leaks, the amount of primogems that can be acquired during the game's 2.5 update is much less than expected.

Thanks to fan calculations, players can see an estimate of how many primogems they can expect from a single update, and the overall total seems lower than usual. Fans can find out more about these primogem calculations here.

Lower primogems expected than usual during Genshin Impact 2.5 update

As the numbers currently stand, 2.5 is projected to have the lowest free primogem count since launch.(1) /u/sectoidfodder's data:ā€¦(2) /u/Saber1202's data:ā€¦(Totals differ due to methodology. See links for calculation breakdowns.)

Thanks to calculations from several Genshin Impact leakers, it appears that the 2.5 update will have the lowest free primogem count since the game's launch. This may be surprising, as the update was touted as having one of the best events so far, bringing characters from across the game's story together in Inazuma.

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This event, known as the Irodori Festival, has been widely anticipated in the community. Unfortunately, it seems that the festival may have much lower rewards than expected. Players can see the graphs created by community analysts here.

The primogem calculations for this update (Image via Reddit/sectoidfodder)
The primogem calculations for this update (Image via Reddit/sectoidfodder)

According to these calculations, the Genshin Impact 2.5 update will provide only around 55 limited banner wishes for free to play gamers. This is surprisingly low, and is the lowest amount that players have ever gotten. Whether this will be offset by special online events is yet to be seen, but players will want to make sure they save up a ton of primogems before this update arrives, as they won't be able to get as many as usual during 2.5.

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/ genshin leaks , spoilersscreenshot from irodori festival!! i cant wait to witness their interaction šŸ˜­šŸ¤²

This shockingly low amount is definitely a surprise given that several events have been teased during update 2.5, including the reveal of the Chasm. Many fans expected the Chasm to bring tons of primogems, similar to the reveal of Enkanomiya or the Golden Apple Archipelago. Surprisingly, the Chasm may not provide that many primogems to explorers, at least according to these estimates.

// Genshin, Ayato LeaksAyato fighting new chasm boss, Ruin Serpent#GenshinImpact #genshintwt #KamisatoAyato

Still, these are only estimates, and players may have a lot more primogems to look forward to during this update, as dataminers and leakers only know so much. A lot is still subject to change before the event's official release, and players will want to make sure they prepare for the upcoming banners.

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Genshin Impact 2.5's update might be lower in primogems than any of the previous updates, but fans can still look forward to tons of new content.

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