Genshin Impact 2.7 banner orders: All weapons and characters revealed for next update

The 2.7 update will bring some new banners (Image via Genshin Impact)
The 2.7 update will bring some new banners (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact 2.7's livestream revealed tons of the game's upcoming content, including the latest banners that players can look expect. These banners will contain some of the game's best 5-star characters, including the new 5-star, Yelan.

There will also be some powerful 5-star weapons to wish for, giving fans the chance to grab enormous boosts for their favorite characters.

Gamers looking to summon a new character during this update will want to look at the game's latest banner schedule here.

Genshin Impact 2.7: Banner schedule for the new update

Genshin Impact 2.7 will release in a few weeks, and players will get the chance to summon for several of the game's most unique 5-star characters. Yelan will make her debut during this update's first phase, alongside Xiao and several powerful 4-stars.

Later during the update, Arataki Itto will take center stage in Phase 2, with Kuki Shinobu appearing for the first time on his banner.

// genshin leaksAHH YELAN (and xiao's) BANNER FOR 2.7

Yelan and Xiao's banners will feature Yanfei, Barbara, and Noelle as the 4-stars, allowing players to grab some valuable supports for these two units. Noelle and Barbara can provide a ton of healing to their allies, while Yanfei can dish out a ton of damage alongside Yelan's Hydro application. Users won't want to overlook these 4-star additions.

Itto rerun came faster than I expected 👀

The second half of this update will feature Arataki Itto and his partner Kuki Shinobu as they appear on the featured banner. This is Itto's first rerun, and the powerful Geo main DPS can dish out a ton of damage to enemies, while Shinobu looks to be the game's first Electro healer.

These two work together well in the lore, though they may not pair together very well on a team. Still, fans will want to ensure they have the Primogems for both.

Weapon banners

2 weeks until patch 2.7, who’s ready for Yelan and her signature weapon? Manifesting early pity for both banners! ✨✨✨

The 2.7 update will feature some amazing 5-star weapons on its banners, and players will want to make sure they have some extra Primogems saved up to wish on them. The first banner of the update will contain the fantastic Aqua Simulacra bow, which is Yelan's signature 5-star weapon.

It will also contain the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear, an excellent spear for Xiao to utilize.

Are you skipping or pulling for the Redhorn?

The second half of this update will bring the Redhorn Stonethresher Claymore back to the rotation, along with the Memory of Dust Catalyst. These two weapons are both suited for Geo characters, with the Stonethresher being Itto's signature sword.

This weapon has some of the best stats in the game for Defense focused characters and is a superb choice for Arataki Itto to wield.

Genshin Impact's newest update will bring gamers a ton of different options to spend their Primogems on.

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