Genshin Impact 2.7 rerun banners, weapons and expected release dates

The 2.7 update will bring some big reruns in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
The 2.7 update will bring some big reruns in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact 2.7 looks set to have some big rerun banners, and players will definitely want to make sure that they have enough Primogems ready.

These reruns will feature some of the game's most popular DPS characters, though some players may be disappointed by the lack of one anticipated 5-star.

Still, these reruns look to bring some powerful fighters back into the game. Travelers who missed out on them the first time will want to give them another shot during this update.

Genshin Impact 2.7: Rerun banner leaks and more

[Reliable - Uncle Y] First half: Yelan + Xiao; signature weapons. Second half: Itto + Shinobu (4✰); Redhorn + Memory of Dust.Track record:SYP Leaks Archive, [θˆ…-y] Channel: Uncle Dictionary:…

According to the latest leaks from a reliable Genshin Impact source, both Xiao and Arataki Itto will be released during the 2.7 update. This will be Itto's first rerun since his initial release and Xiao's second.

Xiao and Itto are potent DPS sources with incredibly unique playstyles, and they can carry a team through some of the game's hardest content.

Itto is the game's strongest Geo Main DPS. He can dish out some insane damage with his unique charged attack.

His Elemental Burst allows him to pummel his foes into submission, and his overall Geo damage output is huge. He has great synergy with many of the game's Geo characters.


Kuki Shinobu will reportedly be released alongside his rerun, and players who want to use this new character will need to summon her on his banner.

Kuki Shinobu is a 4-star Electro support character who can heal her allies and deal some potent Electro damage. She has one of the game's most unique designs so far and could be a great addition to any team.

What in the tartaglia, why is xiao getting a rerun 2 patches after getting his last rerun

To some players' surprise, it appears that Xiao will be getting another rerun during this update, giving even more Travelers a chance to add the Vigilant Yaksha to their teams.

Xiao is a strong Anemo Main DPS who can deal a ton of damage. He just got a new artifact set during the latest update that can increase his output significantly.

Weapon banners

// genshin leaks New 2.7 bows:Fading Twilight (Free 4β˜†)Aqua Simulacra (Yelan’s 5β˜† weapon)#GenshinImapct #genshintwt #genshinleaks #genshin #原η₯ž #yelan

The first weapon banner for this update will reportedly feature the new 5-star signature weapon for Yelan known as the Aqua Simulacra. This bow can boost Yelan's damage significantly and allows her to provide more Hydro coverage for her allies.

The other 5-star weapon will be Xiao's Primordial Winged Jade Spear, which is a great all-around spear for any polearm user.

[Datamined - All details subject to change.]Redhorn Stonethresher - 5✰ Claymore // Crit DMG[R1] DEF is increased by 20%. Normal and Charged Attack DMG is increased by 28% of DEF.Predicted to be on 2.3 Weapon Banner, alongside Itto.Credit:…

The second weapon banner in this update will feature the Redhorn Stonethresher, an incredible weapon for Defense-focused Claymore wielders.

Of course, this weapon is insane on Arataki Itto, but it is also an amazing choice for any owner of a C6 Noelle, as she benefits from it in the same way.

The Memory of Dust will feature alongside the powerful Claymore.

Release dates

This burst animation 😭

The first banner of 2.7 should be released on May 11, featuring Yelan and Xiao. This will be followed up by the Arataki Itto and Kuki Shinobu banner on June 1.

Genshin Impact players have plenty of time to save up Primogems before the update releases. They'll want to make sure they get as many as possible for all of these amazing characters.

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