Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks: New Dendro elemental reaction names and effects explained

A Dendro reaction prediction (Image via Jaickub/Genshin Impact)
A Dendro reaction prediction (Image via Jaickub/Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 3.0 will bring a ton of new reactions to the game thanks to the addition of the Dendro element. This element has been long-awaited by the community, and it seems like it will shake up the game when it is added. The Dendro element reacts with several of the game's current elements, allowing for unique combinations that provide powerful effects in combat. Fans will want to make sure they take advantage of these new reactions when the element releases later this year.

Fans can find a list of all of the current Dendro reactions here and how they affect enemies.

All current Dendro reactions revealed by Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks

Genshin Impact's newest update will bring an entirely new element for players to harness, along with several new reactions. The Dendro element is a totally unique new option for players to use in battle, and it will allow them to take on enemies with new strategies and buffs. Utilizing the new element will become key to success in Genshin's future, and fans can get an early look at its effects here.

1) Pyro + Dendro: Burning


When Pyro and Dendro combine, the Burning reaction is created, dealing damage over time to enemies afflicted by it. This reaction was the only one that players were able to access before Dendro's full addition to the game, and it seems like it could be utilized to great effect against enemies with large health pools like bosses and other big foes.

2) Dendro + Hydro: Overgrown


The Overgrown reaction is the most unique out of the leaked Dendro reactions so far, as it will occur when Hydro and Dendro meet. This effect will cause a small seed to spawn, and hitting that seed with Hydro will cause it to blossom into a mushroom. These mushrooms will then explode into an AOE of Dendro damage, allowing players to take out huge groups of enemies with a single blast.

3) Electro + Dendro: Intensified


The Intensified reaction is the final leaked reaction that players will be able to utilize when Dendro releases, and it provides players with some insane damage buffs.

This reaction occurs when Dendro and Electro combine, and it decreases the foe's resistance to both Electro and Dendro for several seconds. This allows them to dish out tons of damage in that time frame and burst down even the toughest foes.

Other Dendro reactions

@Genshin_Intel Dendro not reacting with Anemo and geo is weird but sort of understandable, but not reacting with Cryo?? It’s one of the main four elements. Maybe they’re still brain storming it or they’re gonna release the reactions in portions like with the Inazuma islands?

Dendro's other reactions haven't currently been leaked yet, and it is possible that the element won't combine with Cryo, Anemo, or Geo. It would be surprising to see these elements left out, but in the case of Cryo, it may actually be beneficial for Dendro to not react with the element. This could allow players to utilize the Melt and Burning reactions at the same time, which may lead to a ton of damage.

Genshin Impact's newest element will provide fans with new ways to approach combat and tons of different reactions to take advantage of.

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