Genshin Impact: All 12 Relay Stone puzzle locations in Watatsumi & Seirai Island

A Relay Stone, as it appears on Seirai Island (Image via Genshin Impact)
A Relay Stone, as it appears on Seirai Island (Image via Genshin Impact)
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There are 12 Relay Stone Puzzles to find on Watatsumi and Seirai Island while playing Genshin Impact.

Seven of these puzzles are on Watatsumi Island, with the remaining five being on Seirai Island. This article will cover all of the locations for the Relay Stones in a general manner. It will include some map pictures and video guides for the reader's convenience.

Genshin Impact players can go after any Relay Stone puzzle in any order. This article will cover the Watatsumi Island puzzles first before advancing to the Seirai Island ones.

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Genshin Impact: All 12 Relay Stone puzzle locations on Watatsumi & Seirai Island


Essentially, Genshin Impact players should try to connect every stone via an electrical discharge. They can pick up Relay Stones and put them in a place that isn't too far from the previous electrical link. Players can inflict Electro on themselves to complete these Relay Stone Puzzles.

Standing near an Electro Crystal or using Electrogranum are easy ways to complete these puzzles. Different Relay Stone puzzles will have alternative solutions when it comes to placing the Stones.

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Genshin Impact players can pick up Relay Stones like any other collectible. They can drop it based on the command shown on the bottom of the screen (to the left of the Elemental Skill icon). On PC, it's "T" by default.

The Relay Stones should take electrical currents started by the Discharge Stone. Players must connect that electrical discharge all the way to the Cumulation Stone to collect the rewards.

All seven Watatsumi Island locations

The seven Relay Stone puzzle locations in Watatsumi Island (Image via miHoYo)
The seven Relay Stone puzzle locations in Watatsumi Island (Image via miHoYo)

Watatsumi Island has seven Relay Stone puzzle locations in Genshin Impact. The Suigetsu Pool location requires the player to drain the water before attempting it. There are two Relay Stones next to each other. The puzzle is above the former pool.

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The northernmost Relay Stone Puzzle in the Sangonomiya Shrine involves the player grabbing some Electrogranum and standing near the Thunder Sakura Brough to complete it. Here, the player is acting as the Relay Stone.

The westernmost Relay Stone is above the waterfall. The Cumulation Stone is near the western cliff, next to a small tree and some foliage.


The Relay Stone near the center of the Sangonomiya Shrine has some Electro Crystals. Genshin Impact players can use these to make their character act as a Relay Stone. They only need to move the stone near the cliff (above a tree branch) and place it between the Electro Crystal and the Discharge Stone.

The Mounn Shrine Relay Stone involves breaking a large rock. This rock is underneath the cliff. Otherwise, it's an easy puzzle as the player places it between the Discharge and Cumulation Stones.

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The eastern Relay Stone puzzle can be found in the open. All the player has to do is move it to trigger the Discharge Stone, then grab Electrogranum and stand between it and the Cumulation Stone.

Finally, Genshin Impact players can spot a Relay Stone in-between Sangonomiya Shrine and Bourou Village. It involves placing the stones to form an L-shaped link to the Cumulation Stone.

All five Seirai Island locations

All five Relay Stone puzzle locations on Seirai Island (Image via miHoYo)
All five Relay Stone puzzle locations on Seirai Island (Image via miHoYo)

Seirai Island has five Relay Stone puzzle locations in Genshin Impact. The western Fort Hiraumi puzzle has many enemies nearby, but the Relay Stones are still easy to spot. They're hidden behind some foliage. The player will have to act as another Relay Stone to complete this puzzle.

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The next Relay Stone puzzle is southeast of the previous location in Seirai Island. The stone is on top of a tree on the small island, with another by the southeastern rock. These two Relay Stones will be near each other for the solution (the overall link will resemble a "U").


There are two Relay Stone puzzles in Koseki Village within Seirai Island. The first one lies in the east. It involves moving the two Relay Stones in a way that forms a "T" link. The second one is technically connected to Seiraimaru, and that will be covered last in this article.

Hence, the next Relay Stone to discuss is the one on the southeastern side of Seirai Island. Grab the stone and move it down a platform to solve it. It's the most straightforward Relay Stone puzzle on Seirai Island.

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The Seiraimaru puzzle is by far the longest to complete. It involves grabbing some Electrogranum and passing through a Thunder Barrier to acquire the Relay Stone. If one doesn't have access to the ship's interior, they must solve a puzzle beforehand.

Players will also have to break a large rock to uncover another Relay Stone. There are also plenty of enemies that may get in the way here.


If Genshin Impact players find the Seiraimaru puzzle too long for their liking, the YouTube video above simplifies it easily in three minutes.

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