Genshin Impact: All 16 Fecund Blessings gift locations in Mondstadt (Day 1 & 2)

All of the Fecund Blessings can be found with this guide (Image via Genshin Impact)
All of the Fecund Blessings can be found with this guide (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's newest event, Of Ballads and Brews, tasks players with taking part in Mondstadt's newest festival, Weinlesefest.

It has a ton of different things to do, ranging from simple dialogue quests to hunting down Fecund Blessings throughout the region. Finding all of these can lead to a ton of rewards, so players will want to make sure they gather them all before the event ends.

With so many of the Fecund Blessings scattered throughout Mondstadt, it can be tricky to collect them all, but fans can find a guide here to locating all 16 of them in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Where to find all 16 Fecund Blessings (Day 1 and 2)

#GenshinImpact's flagship event for the 3.1, Of Ballads & Brews, released the next chapter, "The Feast in Full Swing," for the Fecund Blessings phase This treasure-hunt-inspired activity continues into other subareas of Mondstadt as you look to locate notes & Fecund Hampers

Genshin Impact's Of Ballads and Brews requires players to hunt down hidden chests spread throughout the region of Mondstadt. They will only get brief hints from the characters who have hidden them, and they'll need to track them down using these hints. Luckily, when fans get close, the game will inform them of the item's location with an indicator that points towards the chest.

All fans need is the general location of the Fecund Hampers to find them all, and they can get these locations in the guide below.

Genshin Impact: When the Music Sounds


When the Music Sounds is the first part of the Fecund Blessings event, in which players will be tasked with finding Fecund Hampers, mostly located in Mondstadt itself and within Springvale.

Finding all of these Hampers won't be too tough as long as players utilize the locations provided above. This video details the locations of each of the hampers, along with the hints provided by each character.

Day 1 locations:

  1. Behind the stage at the Wine Market
  2. Beside the small pond in Springvale
  3. Near the southernmost house in Springvale
  4. Behind Cat’s Tail tavern
  5. Below Barbatos’ statue
  6. Behind Angel’s Share tavern
  7. Atop the Mondstadt Cathedral
  8. At the training grounds in Mondstadt
Day 1 locations (Image via Genshin Impact)
Day 1 locations (Image via Genshin Impact)

Finding all of the hampers in the "When the Music Sounds" set will reward players with a full set of furnishings and other rewards, making it worthwhile for them to pick up.

Fecund Blessings: When the Music Sounds/ Shop Colors [DAY 1 : DONE] #GenshinImpact #Genshin #EventImpact

They will want to make sure that they collect all the rewards to complete the set and gather all the available Primogems.

The Feast in Full Swing


The second day of the Fecund Blessings event in Genshin Impact expands the chests throughout Mondstadt, giving players eight more chests to collect. These are a bit trickier to find than the first set, but they provide the same rewards.

Fans can find a video of the locations of The Feast in Full Swing's Fecund Blessings above, making it easy to collect all of them.

Day 2 locations:

  1. Near a certain shop that sells souvenirs
  2. Near a venerable hotel in Mondstadt city
  3. Close to the Knights of Favonius (Atop the windmill)
  4. Beside Cider Lake
  5. At the lake’s side gate
  6. In the Magus-Custodian of Book’s sanctum (Mondstadt’s Library)
  7. Old battered cart where I go fish blasting
  8. Small shoal in the whispering woods near cider lake
Day 2 locations (Image via Genshin Impact)
Day 2 locations (Image via Genshin Impact)

Completing the second day of Fecund Blessings will provide players with more rewards, including Primogems and another unique set of Furnishings. For those who enjoy customizing their Serenitea Pot, collecting these blessings will definitely be worth doing.

They will also want to gather these chests to boost their Festive Fever as it will lead to even more rewards from the Of Ballads and Brews event.

Genshin Impact's newest event has tons of great rewards to gather and players will want to make sure they pick up all of the Fecund Blessings from day one and two.

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