Genshin Impact Anniversary, Moonchase Festival, and a new Inazuma island to be the main attractions of the 2.1 update, according to leaks

Genshin Impact 2.1 is going to be a good time for Keqing fans (Image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact 2.1 is going to be a good time for Keqing fans (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact 2.0 isn't even out yet, but there are already some interesting leaks about the 2.1 update and its related content.

The anniversary event, Moonchase Festival, and a new Inazuma island are some intriguing topics that Genshin Impact leakers have brought up recently.

While there is nothing substantial about these leaks, there is still a fair amount of new information that might interest some Genshin Impact players.

Most of the news pertains to Keqing, so it will be an exciting time for Keqing mains. There is also some other minor news that may interest Genshin Impact fans. Inazuma will have some new islands added to the region over the year.

Important 2.1 update information: Genshin Impact Anniversary, Moonchase Festival, and new Inazuma islands

Genshin Impact 2.1 is going to be a big update as far as events are concerned. It's been leaked for a while now that the anniversary event is not the Moonchase event, although some Genshin Impact fans still associate the two as one and the same.

That is not the case. As the name implies, the anniversary event is intended to celebrate Genshin Impact's anniversary. The Moonchase event, by comparison, is a festival in Liyue that Keqing will play a role in.

The Moonchase Festival

Not much is known about the Moonchase Festival other than the fact Keqing will play a role in it (which was confirmed in the 4/29 Developer's Discussion). As previously stated, it is a separate event from the anniversary one (and will be noticeably smaller, as a result).

It will be interesting to see what Keqing's Story Quest is going to end up like. Keqing fans are going to love version 2.1 if all of these leaks end up being true.

Some weapons have also been leaked for version 2.1. The sword shown above is Keqing's personal sword, Starseeker. Not much is known about its stats or ability, other than the fact it is designed to help bolster Keqing's viability in the current metagame.

It is also stated that it will likely be released around the time Moonchase will be active, which would make sense given the fact Keqing will be an important character for that event.

The Anniversary Event

Not much is known about the anniversary event in Genshin Impact, except that players will get a generous amount of free primogems.

Genshin Impact's initial release date was September 28, 2020, so it wouldn't be farfetched to assume the anniversary date is going to be held on a similar date.

miHoYo has been generous with Honkai Impact 3rd's anniversary events, so it's not unheard of that Genshin Impact's anniversary event will be huge.

New Inazuma islands

Most Genshin Impact fans are aware that version 2.0 will include Inazuma in some capacity. However, it should be stated that additional islands will be added in later versions (including version 2.1).

It hasn't been stated which island will be added to Inazuma in version 2.1, but it has been leaked that Genshin Impact will add more islands over time. Likewise, that particular island's features aren't publicly known yet, but Genshin Impact fans can at least look forward to brand new content in updates after Genshin Impact 2.0.

This also means versions after 2.1 could add more islands.

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