Genshin Impact leaks: New update roadmap, Signora as a weekly boss, Ayaka and Electro traveler details

Leaks reveal details on new characters and hint at Signora being a weekly boss challenge. (image via Genshin Impact Wiki)
Leaks reveal details on new characters and hint at Signora being a weekly boss challenge. (image via Genshin Impact Wiki)

In the Genshin Impact community, a popular leaker has shown glimpses into the game beyond version 1.6.

Including the long-awaited Inazuma region, players have been expecting miHoYo to add a lot of new content to Genshin Impact. Now, because of these leaks, there’s a better picture of what’s to come in future updates. Players can now be more confident about some playable characters and familiar enemies reappearing later this year.

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Genshin Impact leaks reveal an update roadmap, weekly boss Signora, and details on upcoming characters

Kabane Kusaka, whom many players call "Uncle," is the leaker responsible for this latest batch of information. Kusaka is a very credible source, often posting leaks online before later deleting them.

Regardless of Kusaka's suspicious ways of posting, his leaks are incredibly accurate. One example, he leaked the Genshin Impact collaboration with Honkai Impact 3rd two days before the announcement.

According to Kusaka’s latest leaks, there will likely be no version “1.7” in Genshin Impact. Rather, version 2.0 will immediately follow 1.6. This could reflect a more significant update, such as adding a good deal of regions or story quests.

Signora may debut as a weekly boss in version 2.1

Kusaka claims that Signora will reappear in the storyline. Since she’s already appeared as an antagonist in the main story, this isn’t much of a surprise. Many expected to see her again at some point, but players now have some hints as to when.

Regardless of how Genshin Impact labels future updates, leaks point to Signora’s appearance two updates post 1.6. So, if version 2.0 does indeed come right after 1.6, she will return in 2.1.

Moreover, not only is Signora likely to reappear in the storyline, but she’s also rumored to be a weekly boss. This means that once per week, players will be able to challenge her in battle for rewards.

Genshin Impact players will probably play through some story quests and unlock Signora as a weekly boss after completing them. If this leak is true, she will almost definitely present a unique challenge and offer rare talent ascension materials.

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Electro Traveler and Ayaka to become playable characters

Kusaka also claims that Electro Traveler and the 5-star Cryo character, Ayaka, will both arrive in Genshin Impact.

Players can likely expect these characters to debut in versions following 1.6. Klee and Kazuha are already confirmed for 1.6, so it’s very unlikely that Ayaka will slip into the upcoming version. There’s also no indication that Electro Traveler will be available in this update. Future action in Inazuma will likely coincide with Electro Traveler’s debut in the game.

Although Kusaka didn’t mention a specific release date, another popular leaker, Genshin Report, has indicated that Ayaka may arrive before her birthday in September. This information is very tentative, but it is at least a clue for the game’s future.

If the leak is true, players can expect Ayaka’s arrival in the version after 1.6, or perhaps early in the version after that. This prediction depends on Genshin Impact sticking to their six-week update schedule, which they likely will.

The Genshin Impact community always has their eyes peeled for new characters, so there’s a lot to hope for beyond 1.6. Along with new quests and regions, many new characters seem to lie just past the next update.

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