Genshin Impact announces release dates of Ningguang and Keqing skins

Ningguang and Keqing will be receiving skins soon (Image via Genshin Impact)
Ningguang and Keqing will be receiving skins soon (Image via Genshin Impact)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact 2.4 will feature two new skins for Keqing and Ningguang as part of the Lantern Rite celebration. These two are wearing new outfits featuring a strong blue color scheme, adding a regal look to two of Liyue's most popular characters.

Fans will be able to get Ningguang's skin for free by progressing through the event, while Keqing's skin will be locked behind a paywall. Fans of these two characters will definitely want to grab these skins when they release. Luckily, the release date for these skins has been revealed and can be found here.

Genshin Impact 2.4: Keqing and Ningguang skins release date

As members of the Tianquan, Keqing and Ningguang have both dressed appropriately for the massive Lantern Rite festival. Genshin Impact fans will be happy to see them in their new attire as it looks stunning in-game.

These new skins will come with new clothing and colors, though whether the in-game animations will change is currently unknown. It's likely that they will remain the same, as the previous set of skins lacked any significant animation changes.

Players who want these skins will definitely want to take part in the Lantern Rite event, as that is the only way to get Ningguang's Evening Gown outfit.

This skin will become available once the update is released on January 5, though it will likely be time-gated behind some tasks. It could be a simple collection event similar to Barbara's, or it could be a questline that players will need to complete during Lantern Rite.

As Genshin Impact's second free character skin, it's hard to say exactly how it will be released. Either way, every fan of Ningguang will surely want to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

Keqing's skin release date


Keqing's Opulent Splendor skin features a darker blue and black aesthetic, which is a big change from her normal attire. It contrasts amazingly well with her color scheme, and fans of Keqing will likely want to pick it up as soon as it releases.

Fortunately, it will arrive in the shop as soon as the update releases on January 5. Players will have until February 14 to purchase it, and after that point, it will be removed from the shop.

Genshin Impact's skins are a great way to show off a character and bring a unique twist to their design.

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