Genshin Impact controller support: Android and iOS compatibility details

Genshin Impact controller support details on Android and iOS (Image via Sportskeeda)
Genshin Impact controller support details on Android and iOS (Image via Sportskeeda)

Genshin Impact has gradually become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. However, the mobile community often complains about the absence of a custom HUD option. Players cannot customize the controls in any manner, and the only additional feature is the Gyroscope for aiming.

The default controls aren't suitable for many users, and controllers are a much better option for them. Unfortunately, controllers are officially supported exclusively on iOS devices and not Android.

Here's everything to know about controller support for the award-winning game on Android and iOS devices.

Does Genshin Impact support controller on iOS?

Yes, Genshin Impact supports external controllers on iOS. However, players must have upgraded their iOS version to iOS 14 or higher. After that, they can use the following controllers officially:

  • Xbox Wireless controller (Bluetooth)
  • PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless controller
  • MiFi Bluetooth controllers
  • Razer Kishi
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Using controllers on iOS also requires players to change certain in-game settings:

  1. Go to settings > Control Type.
  2. Use the drop-down menu under Control Type and select Controller instead of Touchscreen.

It is worth noting that changing these settings will be compulsory whenever gamers wish to play with a controller. The Control Type settings are Touchscreen by default.

Does Genshin Impact support controller for Android?

No, Genshin Impact does not support controllers for Android. Even though iOS devices received controller support in patch 1.3, Android users are still waiting for the feature.

There are obviously some unofficial ways through which users can play with controllers. However, the anti-cheat system can effectively detect such third-party apps and ban users for it.


It is naturally better to be safe than sorry and wait until the developers officially allow controller support for Android devices.

Playing miHoYo's action RPG on iOS seems to be a much better experience as it also supports 120 FPS. Even though it is almost impossible for an iOS device to run the game at 120 FPS, the overall experience is still better than Android, where FPS is capped on the most high-end devices.

Just found out Genshin Impact doesn't have controller support on Android

As of now, miHoYo has maintained its silence on controller support for Android devices. Features like Dynamic Range and Surround Sound are expected to arrive in version 2.5, implying that the developer might focus more on player experience with the upcoming patches.

Hence, mobile players with Android devices should wait until the game officially allows controllers, or they can permanently lose their accounts.

Edited by Shaheen Banu


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