Genshin Impact leaks: Mondstadt to introduce a port region and Varka banner in future

Genshin Impact might add a port region to Mondstadt soon (Image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact might add a port region to Mondstadt soon (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact leaks have suggested that the developers are planning to expand Mondstadt with a port region. Even though the latest updates have heavily focused on Inazuma and Enkanomiya, regions like Mondstadt and Liyue will be extended soon.

The leaks have come from a leaker who correctly predicted the Raiden Shogun weekly boss fight in patch 2.2. Credible names like Ubatcha feel that other leaks posted by this person seem reliable as well, but players should still take them with a grain of salt.

Here's everything to know about the rumored Mondstadt expansion in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact to add Dornman Port to Mondstadt

Dornman Port has rarely been mentioned in the storyline. While some NPCs like Henry Morton claim that it's too far away from The Nameless Island, others like Jones from Inazuma haven't been able to return to the port for years.

It is worth noting that Eula and Yanfei are well aware of the Dornman Port as well. The Abyss Order once tried to send a dangerous hidden cargo to the port, but Yanfei was able to expose the plan.

Eula and Yanfei later worked together to capture all the Abyss Order operatives that were working in the port.

It's evident that the Dornman Port in Mondstadt is an important location, and it wouldn't be a surprise if Genshin Impact releases it as the storyline progresses.

The leaker claims the port is located northeast of the Dandelion Sea, and it is Mondstadt's largest port.

Where is the Dandelion Sea in Mondstadt?

The Dandelion Sea is another mysterious location that players think will be released in Genshin Impact. The Fox and the Dandelion Sea book series reveals that there is a sea in Mondstadt that is full of Dandelions.

Players who've read this story are divided over its implications. Some strongly believe that the story is based on true events because it mentions Razor, while others perceive it as just a dream and nothing serious.

A child named Sage, who stands outside the Mondstadt city gates, also asks if anyone's heard of the Dandelion Sea.

However, the aforementioned leak claims that the Dandelion Sea is an actual location alongside the Dornman Port.

Varka's banner in Genshin Impact to be released with Mondstadt DLC

The Mondstadt expansion also means that players will be able to unlock new characters from the region.

Varka is the current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. He is known to be the strongest individual in Mondstadt, and the likes of Barbara, Jean, Kaeya, and Razor respect him.


Varka is a muscular character like Itto, and his banner will most likely arrive with the Mondstadt DLC.

Interestingly, the leaker has stated that only 60% and 70% of the Mondstadt and Liyue regions, respectively, are released yet. Hence, players might finally be able to return to these regions for explorations.