Genshin Impact damage calculator: How to calculate damage and test character builds easily

Eula dealing tons of damage in Genshin Impact (Image via Gacha Gamer)
Eula dealing tons of damage in Genshin Impact (Image via Gacha Gamer)

Genshin Impact players may be wondering how to deal the most damage with their characters, and while there are many obvious answers, like artifacts, weapons, and talent levels, it may be difficult to do all these calculations inside of Genshin Impact itself.

This is where the Genshin Impact damage calculator comes in, allowing players to theorycraft and test out builds from the comfort of their web browser. Players can use this tool to make building any character easier and even calculate the maximum potential of their teams.

Players can read more about this useful tool here, and find out how to use the Genshin Impact damage calculator.

How the Genshin Impact damage calculator allows for build testing and damage optimization:

The Genshin Impact damage calculator may seem daunting at first glance, but the intuitive UI and easy to understand calculations allow for players to make the most out of this great resource.

Players can choose which characters they want to calculate on the left hand side and begin inputting their preferences, depending on what they intend to test with that character. Players can input their actual levels or even theorycraft with a whale build just to see what the damage would be like.

This calculator allows for an insane amount of customization, so players can just mess around to see what they want to do.

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With the Genshin Impact damage calculator, players can figure out how to deal massive damage with any of their characters, as building becomes much easier when the math is instantly available. Players can test which artifacts will give them the best value, and which weapons perform best, just by swapping them around in the options of the website.

This helps tremendously in allowing for players to make their main DPS characters deal huge amounts of damage, and as the website is updated constantly, they can even test out new characters like Eula, and the Song of Broken Pines.

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How to deal more damage in Genshin Impact:

Dealing more damage in Genshin Impact is a matter of getting the best artifacts, leveling a character and weapon, and synergizing them well with a team. When players have these steps in mind, they can unleash some insane bursts of damage, and this calculator allows for a much easier time figuring out these steps.

Players can see the best set effects for each character, the best weapons, and priorities that they will need to reach. The damage they will deal is updated in real time, allowing for on-the-spot theorycrafting and fixes. The Genshin Impact damage calculator is an invaluable resource for any Genshin Impact player looking to deal more damage with their characters.


Genshin Impact can be a difficult game at times, especially when players are unsure how to build their characters. But with the Genshin Impact damage calculator, building characters becomes easy, and any player will be able to see their characters become far stronger.

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