Genshin Impact developer teases Honkai: Star Rail, closed beta registration starts this week

Honkai: Star Rail official poster in the teaser (Image via Bungie)
Honkai: Star Rail official poster in the teaser (Image via Bungie)

Genshin Impact developer MiHoYo just held a live stream showcasing a concert on soundtracks from Honkai Impact 3rd. In the end, the company surprised the entire community with the reveal of two of their most anticipated projects. They are "The Post Honkai Odyssey 2" and "Honkai: Star Rail."

With the massive success of Genshin Impact, players were pretty hyped when they heard that MiHoYo's next game would be a mixture of Honkai's story and Genshin's open-world mechanics. While specific leaks reveal in-depth details, fans can rest easy as MiHoYo has officially confirmed the upcoming Honkai open-world title.

Honkai Star Rail was teased by Genshin Impact's developer MiHoYo, alongside a beta sign-up this week

Honkai Impact 3rd is not a new name in the gacha community. Known for being free-to-play friendly alongside having addicting hack-and-slash combat, MiHoYo has made its mark on the map in the Chinese market with its success over the years.

Five years later, it wouldn't be surprising if fans from Genshin Impact tried their hand in Honkai and stayed for the refreshing characters alongside the forgiving gacha. With Genshin Impact making its presence known in the global market, MiHoYo has been working on another project to expand its storyline in the Honkai department.

Starfire Sonorant, the latest live concert held by MiHoYo, confirmed the release of Honkai: Star Rail. Alongside that, the main game will have another chapter of the open world, Post Honkai Odyssey 2. This becomes a significant factor as it might directly tie in with the main story of the Star Rail project. Additionally, the first few minutes of the teaser featured core characters from Post Honkai Odyssey, Carole Peppers, and Welt.

Carole Peppers and Welt from Honkai Impact (Image via MiHoYo)
Carole Peppers and Welt from Honkai Impact (Image via MiHoYo)

Over the past few months, numerous leaks on Star Rail have been going around with gameplay mechanics, characters, and items. While the official confirmations have not been in great detail, all the speculation and rumors to this day can be deemed accurate.

Having an open-world mechanic like Genshin Impact is exciting news for fans unfamiliar with Honkai. Many are looking to try another game with the same elements, and Star Rail might provide the players with just that.

Minutes after the announcement, all the social networking sites saw the official account for Honkai Star Rail, including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, and Instagram. Players can start signing up for the beta starting October 8, 2021.

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