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Genshin Impact Elite Opponents: Weekly Battle Pass missions

Image Credits- Sportskeeda
Image Credits- Sportskeeda
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 10 Oct 2020, 00:01 IST

The Genshin Impact Battle Pass is out right now, and players worldwide are choosing to purchase it merely due to the utility provided. The vast magical world of adventure is only improved by the manga type characters, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing games in recent years. After its rampant rise since release, the gaming world is rapidly turning its attention to Genshin Impact. 

The Battle Pass this time is touted to feature a four-star weapon. Players can usually access the Battle Pass after successfully reaching Adventure Rank 20. Players also need to follow daily, weekly, and BP Period missions to gain experience in the Battle Pass EXP. Rewards are unlocked at a certain rank. 

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All about the Genshin Impact Battle Pass 

There are two layers of the Battle Pass; one is the free version; the other one is premium, and costs around $10. There is no assurance whether the theme is going to change per battle pass or not. No specific theme has been assigned yet. It also says reach Gnostic Hymn Level 30 to select a weapon of choice. That makes it much more exciting for players to grind.


Picking only one weapon as a Battle Pass reward might seem too little, but that is an excellent way to keep the game fair. The BP level, as well as the BEP required for the next level, can be seen on the Battle Pass tab. One of the most exciting additions to the battle pass is that the weekly EXP limit can be seen. Thus players will have a good idea when to complete a task and the maximum they can achieve that week. However, it is rumored that only 10 levels can be hit per week in the Battle Pass. 

The purchase level option increased to level 5 and gave 16,000 Gold Coins as rewards. Primo Gems can be used to improve the Battle Pass level too. To purchase only 1 Level of the Battle Pass, players need to spend about 150 Primo Gems. 


There is also an option to see how to level up the Battle Pass. Objectives like Log In, Complete 4 Daily Commissions, Mine 10 Items, Use a total of 150 Original Resin, and so on, need to be completed to claim their respective rewards.

Similarly, Weekly missions and BP Period missions are also recorded in Genshin Impact. The progress is saved concurrently, which means that players will already be at an advantage if they complete these tasks before hitting Adventure level 20.

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Weapon Rewards In Genshin Impact Battle Pass 

The five weapons that are up for grabs in Genshin Impact BP are as follows - 

  • The Black Sword - base ATX 42, CRIT rate 6.0%.
  • Serpentine Spine - base ATX 42, CRIT rate 6.0%.
  • Solar Pearl - base ATX 42, CRIT rate 6.0%.
  • The Viridescent Hunt - base ATX 42, CRIT rate 6.0%.
  • Death match - Base ATX 41, CRIT rate 8.0%

The Gnostic Hymn and the Gnostic Chorus are present in the purchasable section. The Hymn will cost $9.99, and the Chorus costs $19.99. Players need to be on level 30 to claim these weapons from Battle Pass. A large amount of character EXP material, along with numerous Primo gems, are gifted as a reward.

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Published 10 Oct 2020, 00:01 IST
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