Genshin Impact on Epic Games for PC: Release date, version and more

Genshin Impact will soon be available on Epic Games (image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact will soon be available on Epic Games (image via miHoYo)
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Genshin Impact has announced its upcoming debut in Epic Games, which will bring more players into the game.

miHoYo made the official announcement on Twitter, along with a redeem code that’s yet to be activated. Epic Games has also confirmed on their website that Genshin Impact will soon be available on their platform.

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Genshin Impact release date on Epic Games, new version and redeem code announced

Genshin Impact will be available on Epic Games starting on June 9th, 2021, coinciding with the1.6 version update. The move with Epic Games comes without any prior hints, and is likely an attempt by miHoYo to find new PC players.

Genshin Impact releases a major update every six weeks. As such, players have been pretty confident that version 1.6 would be released on June 9th. The official livestreams also takes place two weeks before the updates. Given the date of the recent 1.6 livestream, June 9th seems all the more likely.

Speculations about Genshin Impact on Epic Games

Version 1.6 of Genshin Impact will likely feature the most substantive update in months. New islands and quests in Inazuma are coming soon. Now, coinciding with new content, Genshin Impact will likely have an audience built from active users of the Epic Games store.

Some have thought that because Genshin Impact will debut on Epic Games, that there will be some sort of crossover event. Of course, the most popular game affiliated with Epic Games is Fortnite. However, for the time being, any collaboration events are just speculations.

The PlayStation port has several exclusives, including a unique glider and namecard. However, it’s unlikely that those who download the game from Epic Games will get similar freebies.

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Upcoming redeem code

As per Genshin Impact’s tweet, “GenshinEpic” is a redeem code that players can activate on June 9th onwards, although Genshin Impact Twitter wasn’t specific on any details about the code.

It’s also uncertain whether all players will be able to use this redeem code or only those who downloaded Genshin Impact from Epic Games.

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