Genshin Impact: Fans in China gather in hundreds outside KFC to get Noelle and Diluc themed pins, police called to step in

Police intervene as Genshin Impact fans crowd KFC outlets in China
Police intervene as Genshin Impact fans crowd KFC outlets in China

Genshin Impact's collaboration with KFC in China has witnessed a massive gathering of fans. Fans have been standing in line to collect the region-specific merchandise from KFC outlets across the country.

KFC outlets in China started offering a variety of Genshin Impact-themed merchandise recently. Due to large gatherings, even the police had to intervene while ensuring they comply with the social distancing rules.

One of the most sought-after merchandise from this collaboration are the Diluc and Noelle-themed pins. To receive these pins, players need to yell a specific phrase at the KFC employees present in that outlet.

The specific phrase is:

"Meet in another world, enjoy delicious food."

Police intervene as Genshin Impact fans start crowding KFC outlets in China

The gathering in China only goes to show Genshin Impact's incredible popularity in the region.

The game is yet to complete a year. The developers at miHoYo have done exceedingly well to provide regular updates and fresh content for players.

KFC China has a peculiar record with gaming promotions. Final Fantasy XIV's Black Fat Chocobo was also a big hit in the past.

Genshin Impact's collaboration with the fried chicken franchise was an ingenious move by miHoYo and has proved to be an instant success. There's likely to be more merchandise soon.

However, there will be some concerns that such large gatherings are being allowed to take place during a worldwide pandemic. KFC will have to make certain that some rules are in place, so its employees and the Genshin Impact fans don't get infected by the virus.

MiHoYo should address the situation as well and come up with a new strategy to prevent such large gatherings. It should start by finding a way for fans to receive the pins that doesn't involve yelling at employees.

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