Genshin Impact fans disappointed as leaks reveal Dehya’s underwhelming kit

Some players think she
Some players think she's bad (Image via HoYoverse)

As cool as Dehya looks, there is no shortage of Genshin Impact fans disappointed in her abilities based on the current leaks. For those out of the loop, Her entire kit has already been leaked. Everything from gameplay footage to specific numbers has been revealed. Naturally, some people have started to speculate about her viability.

The popular consensus among speculators at the moment is that she's bad. The content found in the beta tests is always subject to change, so keep in mind that this disappointment is based on Dehya's initial numbers and effects on her abilities. If nothing changes between then and now, then some fans are bound to be dissatisfied.

Why some Genshin Impact players are disappointed with Dehya's kit from the leaks

dehya's current state is unable to abuse any reactions on her teams, doesnt synergize really well with any character, doesnt have a team where she isnt an downgrade, doesnt have good numbers or good energy generation and doesnt have a nicheTCs calling her bad isnt "doomposting"…
Doomposting those characters were bad but have you seen dehya's kit actually? She's a sidegrade to XINYAN in mono pyro. She has like only 2 weeks in beta left. Hoping she gets kit changes in week 3…
is it doomposting if she's actually badnot every char gets doomed. a lot of TCers thought characters like raiden, haitham, kokomi, and kazuha would be good (and they were!). dehya isnt "oh my friend who plays thinks shes bad", its "basically every tcer thinks shes bad"…

All three of these tweets respond to a user tired of "doomposting." While there is a reason to be annoyed by constant over-worrying about a character's viability, the three users shown above all address the criticism of why some dislike Dehya's kit.

Elemental Reactions are a huge part of Genshin Impact's metagame. Being unable to abuse them is a huge limitation to how good a character can be in this game. A lack of apparent compatibility also hurts this character's efficiency in a team.

Perhaps the most egregious statement here is that she's a sidegrade to Xinyan, who has the unfortunate dishonor of being known as one of the worst characters in the game.

i'm huffing incredible amounts of copium praying that Hoyoverse is just fucking with people with making Dehya so bad and she'll get redeemed before her release
I have not seen a single theory crafter said any of the mentioned characters "bad". They have good numbers but just don't have ridiculous scaling like others. Dehya on the other hand, numbers are bad to begin with plus she gets a nerf. Ascends with HP% but doesn't scale with it?…
hoyo really just said "oh you want dehya to deal more damage? you think her damage is bad?""I DISAGREE. NERF NERF NERF"

One aspect that Genshin Impact players had an issue with was that Dehya received some nerfs as the numbers of her kit were shifted. For example, she lost some HP% from her first Constellation but got more damage buffs in exchange.

Nonetheless, some find her to need buffs, not nerfs. There is a lot of copium that this character will become much better before launch, but there is no guarantee.

One of the most respected Genshin theorycrafters literally said he ranks Xinyan, currently the worst character in the game, above Dehya as she is right now.I knew things were bad because her kit makes no sense, but WORST IN THE ENTIRE GAME? Ho. Ly. Fuck.
dehya's kit being so bad to the point she's worse than xinyan is both funny and sad wtf are the devs smoking
@xzityr @dimbreath You mean Tan/Black in the place of Female and white in the place of male characters...Xinyan and Dehya having a bad kit show how racist is Hoyoverse

Some theorycrafters have even gone as far as to say that Dehya is worse than Xinyan. The former character is a 5-star, meaning that some players are outraged at the possibility of her becoming the worst in the entire game.

Many Travelers wonder question the developers regarding the kit, with a few even going as far as to accuse HoYoverse of being racist.

hyv racist for making dehya that bad 🙄🙄
She's currently compareable to Xinyan who is a bottom 3 unit. Everything points to Dehya being VERY weak and not getting a good buff before release so people are allowed to be worried. Also it's just all further proof of Hoyo being racist as fuck.

There have been several instances of Genshin Impact fans using this accusation. It doesn't help that Xinyan, another tan character, is also known for being one of the weakest in the entire game. However, not everyone criticizing Dehya's reputation as a bad character is about that.

Some people's issues stem from her seldom being the best pick for a team, if at all.

@TheNameOxalis @10codyzz10 @dailydehyas She just doesn’t fit anywhere or improve any team
Dehya is gonna be a easy skip for me tho i do like her as a character still and she is pretty But first leaks of her kit looks bad
Dehya wanters lost cause her kit is so bad so far.

A bad 5-star character is one that plenty of Travelers will skip. Even those who love her design and personality will skip her due to what some theorycrafters are positing. Some other characters who were stated to be bad, like Yoimiya, were negatively affected similarly when it came to their Event Wishes.

Only time will tell if all this doomposting is justified or if it's another example of the Genshin Impact fanbase overreacting.

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