Genshin Impact fans face weird quest bug worldwide, developer responds

A new weird bug is wrecking player's quests in-game (Image via Genshin Impact)
A new weird bug is wrecking player's quests in-game (Image via Genshin Impact)

Every game is bound to face some glitches or bugs, and Genshin Impact is no exception. A recent in-game bug has caused havoc, with players having difficulty completing their daily and story quests.

Fortunately, the developers were quick to respond through their official channels. The official notice states that the developers are aware of a system error causing players to get stuck with some quests.

The developers have apologized for the inconvenience and asked the community to stay patient as they try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Here is everything players need to know about the latest bug.

Genshin Impact: Weird bug hindering quest progress and more

A weird new bug seems to have appeared in Genshin Impact, and players are frustrated as the bug does not allow them to complete any quests. The developers got wind of this and posted an official notice to take control of the situation.

The tweet above is the official notice that was sent by the developers. The official statement notes that the weird bug is a system error, and their team is working hard to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Developers have also apologized to the Genshin Impact community for the inconvenience and have asked them to wait patiently until the bug is taken care of. Players can follow the game's official channels on different platforms to stay informed about any future follow-ups regarding the bug.

What is the weird bug doing to Genshin Impact quests?


This weird bug has generated several issues for players trying to complete any quest. Usually, bugs can cause specific concerns in-game, but the new bug is causing multiple issues. Here is a summary of all the problems players are facing due to the new weird bug:

  • Unable to continue any ongoing quest
  • Unable to complete any ongoing quest
  • Quest subtitles automatically changed to CN (Chinese)
  • Some quest objective indicators are missing from the mini-map and navigation menu.

Some people have also mentioned facing connection problems with the game, but it is unknown whether the weird bug is responsible for it. Currently, the community has come across a temporary solution that requires players to keep restarting the game to progress further in the quest or to complete it.

Overall, developers certainly do not want to face the community's backlash as they did with their first anniversary and will probably try to solve the system error before the game resets.

Will there be any kind of compensation?

Although players are unable to complete their quests, which is annoying, and are aware of the potential loss of Primogems, they should not be so concerned. Genshin Impact has a reputation for handing out compensation.

Even if the system error is fixed before the daily reset, it is safe to assume that developers will hand some amount of Primogems as a form of compensation. This is their form of apology for the inconvenience players had to face.

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