Genshin Impact fans are disappointed with the 1st Anniversary rewards, Here's why

Genshin Impact's anniversary rewards have disappointed many players (Image via Genshin Impact)
Genshin Impact's anniversary rewards have disappointed many players (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact has its first anniversary celebration in just a few days, and fans are unhappy with the announced rewards. In comparison to other Gacha games, Genshin Impact seems to be having one of the least rewarding anniversary events ever, with only a few prizes given to all players.

Many are upset with the way the prizes are awarded to those who promote the game, and the community outcry continues to grow. Players can learn more about why people are so disappointed about these rewards here.

Genshin Impact: Why fans are disappointed about the anniversary

Time flies, a year has gone by, and Genshin Impact is about to turn one year old! Today, the Teyvat Hiking Association has brought you a rewards preview of the one year anniversary community events~View the full notice here >>>…#GenshinImpact

Genshin Impact's latest announcement detailed the Anniversary Community Event, and sparked a wave of backlash from fans who were upset with the low quality of the rewards. They are also disappointed in the way that the rewards are distributed, as not every player will be able to receive the best rewards.

Mihoyo shared more details for the 1st anniversary community rewards and involves RNG and Contest.Web Event- 10% to win Welkin Pass- Guaranteed 100k MoraContest- Social Media to participate- Rewards consist 100 Primogems and irl items- Need Talent#原神 #GenshinImpact

The largest in-game prizes will follow a raffle format, with only 10% of players receiving a Blessing of the Welkin Moon, while the other 90% will only get 100,000 Mora.

While somewhat substantial, this amount of Mora can be gained by only expending a small portion of Resin, while the Welkin Moon only costs $5 a month. These rewards have been seen as a stingy offering, especially as an anniversary reward.

How events have been handled in the past

we straight up got more rewards from lantern rite and bug fixes seperately than mf ANNIVERSARY REWARDS

Many players are upset that previous Genshin Impact events have rewarded more wishes and Primogems than the upcoming anniversary event.

One event, known as the Lantern Rite, provided tons of rewards, including free Wishes and a huge amount of Primogems. However, the Lantern Rite event also came under fire for making the rewards based on RNG, and it seems that miHoYo is receiving backlash for this same practice during the anniversary.

okay but how come lantern rite gave us more than the anniversary rewards do??

Still, many players are upset that the anniversary, usually the biggest event in a Gacha game's life cycle, rewards fewer gifts and items than a simple in-game event.

How the anniversary rewards are distributed


Many players have also pointed out that the community's creative side are the only ones that will be able to participate in events with rewards. This new event will require players to create their own anniversary cards and share them on social media to participate in the raffle, limiting the number of players that can take part in it.

Genshin Impact has had a history of including giveaways and events as part of artist competitions, and while it can facilitate a strong art community, it also restricts parts of the community from rewards.

Overall underwhelming rewards

Mihoyo: “we’ve prepared a Big Rewards for you during the Genshin Anniversary” Mihoyo Rewards during the Anniversary:

Disregarding the way that the rewards are distributed, many players are just disappointed by the low value of the rewards. With rewards as low as 100 Primogems, fans won't even be able to do a single summon from some of the events during the anniversary.

This frustrates many in the community as Gacha games are known to usually go all out during anniversary events, giving players tons of free rewards and more.

Genshin Impact's community may be receiving more rewards during the game's actual anniversary, but they will remain disappointed for now. Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.

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