Genshin Impact Google Play gift card collab event: How to get new 'googol' furnishings

New googol furnishings in Genshin Impact (Image via zhanghs)
New googol furnishings in Genshin Impact (Image via zhanghs)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact has a fleshed out housing system and players are always getting new furniture sets to place in their homes.

This newest set will be available to players through a special collaboration between Genshin Impact and Google Play, allowing them to get these two fancy pieces of furniture for their homes.

Players will be able to grab the Googol table and the Googol chair for their Serenitea Pots simply by purchasing Google Play gift cards, and they can grab some other rewards with their purchase. Players can learn how to get these new furnishings here.

How to get the new googol furnishings in Genshin Impact:

In a recently released post on Hoyolab, Mihoyo details the ways players can get access to these new furnishings for their homes in Genshin Impact. They will be able to access these furnishings by purchasing different levels of Google Play Giftcards and obtaining a redemption code from them.

Players will need to spend certain amounts of money to unlock the rewards from these giftcards, meaning that to get all of the Googol collaboration rewards, they will need to purchase the highest tier bundle at 50$ USD.

These new Genshin Impact furnishings come in special "Surprise Bundles" that players will obtain by entering a redemption code after purchasing the card. They will only be able to redeem these codes to a single UID, so it's important to input them on the correct account.

These "Surprise Bundles" vary in price, starting with Surprise Bundle 2 at 10-24.99$ USD to Surprise Bundle 4 at 50$ USD and up. Players can purchase these bundles through gift cards online or through a supported retailer.

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Genshin Impact: Google play Surprise Bundle contents:

These Surprise Bundles each come with some extra goodies for Genshin Impact players who are willing to spend the extra money on them. They can easily grab these furnishings and rewards through the redemption codes; the contents of these Surprise Bundles are listed here:

  1. Surprise Bundle 1: 10x Heroes Wits, 10x Mystic Enhancement Ore, 5x Mondstadt Hash Browns
  2. Surprise Bundle 2: Googol Chair, 15x Heroes Wits, 5x Mondstadt Hash Brown
  3. Surprise Bundle 3: Googol Table, Googol Chair, 5x Heroes Wits, 3x Jade Parcels
  4. Surprise Bundle 4: Googol Namecard: Googol Chair, Googol Table, 10 Heroes Wits.

These rewards seem like a decent addition to the furnishings and namecards, so players should definitely take advantage of them if they get the chance.

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This collaboration will provide players with some great rewards as long as they are hunting for the rarest Furnishings and Namecards. Players who want to stand out should definitely pick up these new additions to Genshin Impact.

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