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Genshin Impact: How to easily complete the "Treasure Lost, Treasure Found" quest

Ninguang with Soraya in Genshin Impact
Ninguang with Soraya in Genshin Impact
Modified 06 Apr 2021

"Treasure Lost, Treasure Found" is a world quest in Genshin Impact where the Traveller is tasked with helping Soraya uncover mysterious markings on the ruins in the Guili Plains.

This quest, like many others in Genshin Impact, is designed to reveal part of the lore or history behind the land of Teyvat. Players on this quest help a scholar named Soraya with her research, and by the end of the quest, they will have received 600 Adventure EXP and 80 Primogems.

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How to complete Treasure Lost, Treasure Found in Genshin Impact

Players obtain the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest by simply speaking with Soraya, who stands near the trail west of the ruins. Soraya explains to the Traveller that there is a mystery attached to the Guili Plains ruins, also called the Guili Assembly. She claims it used to be a prosperous place, but that for some unknown reason, the community met its demise.

The Traveller is instructed to reveal any findings they come across to Soraya, and so the quest begins.

Step 1 - Reading the stone tablets

Genshin Impact map: stone tablet locations for Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
Genshin Impact map: stone tablet locations for Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

The first step players must take in the quest is to read the five stone tablets in the Guili Assembly. To get this done easily, players can navigate to the quest, and the map will narrow down a region where all five tablets can be found. The navigation won’t provide exact locations, but the map above should help players who can’t find the tablets in the region given.

After that, the Traveller should speak with Soraya again, and she will ask them to find and read two more tablets. Again, the player can simply use the navigate option, which will give them more precise locations than before.


After all five tablets are investigated, the Traveller is to meet Soraya at Wangshu Inn. Soraya will reveal some results of her studies and ask the Traveller to find four jade plates in the Guili Plains and its surrounding regions.

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Step 2 - Getting the jade plates

Genshin Impact map: stone tablet locations for Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
Genshin Impact map: stone tablet locations for Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

From the player’s prior location on the balcony in Wangshu Inn, they can glide south to find several slimes guarding the first jade plate. Then, players can head southeast, sticking to the lake, and then go up a small hill to find the second plate.

Teleporting to the waypoint northeast of Luhua Pool is the easiest way to get to the third plate. From the waypoint, players can head north past the ruin guard and glide over the broken bridge to obtain the plate.

Finally, by starting at the teleport waypoint south of the ruins, players can head just slightly north to get the last jade plate.

With all four jade plates in hand, the player should meet back up with Soraya. From there, they are tasked with finding the final ruin, where the Traveller faces off against three ruin guards.


The quest is complete once the player speaks to Soraya for a final time, thereby earning their rewards.

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Published 06 Apr 2021, 21:05 IST
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