From Xiao to Klee: How old are all the Genshin Impact characters?

Genshin Impact character ages - Genshin impact
Genshin Impact character ages - Genshin impact
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Genshin Impact does a great job in building a unique personality as well as beautiful backstories. The minor details include a character's hobbies as well as birthdays.

Looking at birthdays, many players must have asked themselves countless questions such as "How old is Xiao in Genshin Impact?" or "Is Venti really 6000 years old?"

To answer these, let's look at the speculated age of some characters in Genshin Impact.

How old is every character in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact has only mentioned the date and month of birth of every character in their respective profiles. Due to the lack of information about the present year and the birth year, the only way to speculate the actual ages is to find references in the game story. According to some of the official forum users, Despayr, Cryps, and other sources, the ages of some of the characters in Genshin Impact are listed below.

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Character ages in Genshin Impact:

Traveler: Below 18 years (Kaeya's storyline mentions it)

Bennett: 16 years

Kaeya: 22 years

Jean: 20-22 years

Chongyun: 18-19 years

Diluc: 22 years

Barbara: 16-17 years

Klee: 8-10 years

Fischl: 14 years

Amber: 18 years

Beidou: 21 years

Keqing: 19-23 years

Ningguang: 25 years

Noella: 18 years

Qiqi: The body is 6-years-old but a non-ageing zombie for years

Razor: 16 years

Sucrose: 18 years

Lisa: 28-30 years

Mona: 19 years

Venti: Human form is 15 years (2600+ in Archon form)

Xiangling: 15 years

Xingqiu: 17-18 years

Childe: 20 years

Zhongli: Human form is 28 years (Archon since 6000+ years)

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Xiao - Genshin impact Character
Xiao - Genshin impact Character

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Xiao, the only remaining Yaksha, is more than 2000 years, but physically looks younger, which is one of the very few exceptions.

Similarly, Venti and Zhongli may seem like a teenager and a young person in their human form, but they are thousands of years old thanks to their Archon form.

Zhongli - Genshin impact Character
Zhongli - Genshin impact Character
Venti- Genshin impact Character
Venti- Genshin impact Character

Also, Qiqi, who appears to be a cute little kid and new to the world, is actually older than players can expect. Thanks to her zombie form, she is stuck in a particular stage of the body without growing.

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The above information is based on the speculations made by fans and the lore enthusiasts who try to retrieve the maximum possible information from the storyline. The accuracy is not guaranteed.

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